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The Top project in our listing is back with the weekly newsletters. The previous week, they didn't manage to publish one, as reported due to technical...

The Top project in our listing is back with the weekly newsletters. The previous week, they didn't manage to publish one, as reported due to technical reasons. And this Thursday as usually we are facing the bi-weekly version of the official newsletter by ExpertPortfolio PR Department. We got used to PDF files for direct download. This approach to running the mailing seems to be very useful and from the marketing point of view it makes sense. PDF files is the most common way for storing information and in this aspect the management of ExpertPortfolio is absolutely right, making the newsletter in PDF.


The today's release of the official bi-weekly newsletter from ExpertPortfolio is covering several subjects. First of all, there's a part telling about the recent troubles of the website, caused by severe DDoS. The DDoS as reported has been initiated by some fraudsters, who started to blackmail the admin of ExpertPortfolio, demanding him to pay a certain amount of money not to be under DDOS. The e-mail came from the following address: We warn everyone about the issue with this e-mail, and here let me quote the e-mail ExpertPortfolio admin received:


We will be DDOS'ing your website later today. Avoid downtime and IP nullroute.
Please remit our fee of $600 to this LR account: U0192516
You will be ddos'd now until the fee is paid.
Pay now and protect your program. Some of our clients who have paid:
felmina, royalty7, solidforexltd, eurextrade and more.
We have one of the most powerful international ddos networks in the
entire world.


The admin refused to pay and consequently the site of ExpertPortfolio has been down for a short period of time. Now the problems have been resolved and it's back and paying.


The second part of the newsletter reveals the latest news form the world of emerging markets, their prognosis for the current year, with the comments of stock specialists. And finally there go some excepts from the interview with the famous Forex trader, Adrian Shiroma, known as "The account duplicator". Welcome to download the PDF of the latest official bi-weekly newsletter from ExpertPortfolio following the link (



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