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At the beginning of the official newsletter, NewGN I thanks everyone actively promoting the site online. As a reward for active promoters, some new...

At the beginning of the official newsletter, NewGNI thanks everyone actively promoting the site online. As a reward for active promoters, some new tools are added at disposal as a help for the endeavours. The main goal of the new tools implemented is to give users more information on how to open and NewGNI accounts and manage them further on.


The first tool integrated is the Live Surebet page. The page is open and is able to demonstrate the surebets to the public. The surebet page appeared to provide potential investors and members with more comprehensive information of the Arbitrage Trading, to let them realize how profitable this can be. The sports arbitrage possibilities are discovered thanks to the surebet page. At the same time it should be noticed all surebets are valid at the time of publishing and the surebet page created is only for informative purposes. The free version of the surebet page is still limited without the bookmaker information. The complete version is available for NewGNI registered members exclusively.


Another tool added that might be useful for active online promoters is the personal corporate Youtube channel. Once entering the channel, one may see some tutorial movies inside. The movies give vivid impression of the main principles of managing your own NewGNI account. Along with that, tutorial movies show how the main features inside the NewGNI website work. These are: the sign-up process and funding e-wallet, the variety of cashout options and Forgot Password option manual etc. For investors comfort all features are also covered within one video or if needed there are several excerpts on every particular problem. The address of the NewGNI Youtube channel is:


The final reminder refers to the Sweepstakes contest held by NewGNI. The Giveaway contest for May gives everyone a chance to win three $50 iTunes Gift Cards. Let us remind you the contest closes on May 31 at noon. Joining the contest is possible from the Facebook page or the NewGNI member area.

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