Updated: 08/06/2012 18:03
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EgoPay, the new payment processor, initiated by Payza is getting more and more popular among the HYIP admins

EgoPay, the new payment processor, initiated by Payza is getting more and more popular among the HYIP admins. Recently we've received some news updates from several HYIP sites, saying they are implementing EgoPay as the payment option on their websites.

So, the latest update from Ivecon HYIP says that EgoPay has become a replacement for Payza for making investment related payments. Moreover, EgoPay can be funded instantly and directly from Payza. Here is the update text:

"Dear Rocio Santillana,

We are pleased to inform that we have added new payment processor to our site - EgoPay. It comes as a replacement for Payza for making investment related payments since Payza has recently prohibited such kind of payments. EgoPay can be funded instantly from Payza and offers withdrawals to Payza as well as exchange to other currencies via certified exchanges. Please check their website for more information . So we now support 4 payment processors: Liberty Reserve (USD and EUR), Perfect Money (USD and EUR), SolidTrustPay and EgoPay. All deposits and withdrawals are fully automated for all 4 payment processors.
In addition to previous site translations we made earlier we have added 2 more translations and our site is now available in 7 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Indonesian and Chinese.
We hope for our continuous and beneficial cooperation.

Best Regards,
Ivecon Support Team"

Another HYIP We Earn U Earn has also notified its members about adding EgoPay as payment processor. Along with that minimum for withdrawal has been reduced, now making $1. See the news updaet from We Earn U Earn below:

"Dear Member,

We want to inform you about the following two updates;

• We have added the EGOPAY as payment processor, now you can
deposit/withdraw using EGOPAY.
• We have reduced our minimum withdraw amount, now minimum withdraw
amount is 1$.

Please let us know if you want to see any further improvements.

We again welcome you to be part of our business and discover the
unlimited earnings waiting for you out there.

Thank you"

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