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Welcome, dear readers! You are mostly welcome to the HYIP Informational Survey from HYIPNews.com! As you may get used, twice a week professional team...

Welcome, dear readers! You are mostly welcome to the HYIP Informational Survey from HYIPNews.com! As you may get used, twice a week professional team of our news portal is supplying you with the latest news about HYIP industry. As always you will get informed with the news from the payment processors. Perhaps you will find useful and informative some latest updates from the niche blogs. All in all, within the HYIP informational survey by HYIPNews you won't get lost and become aware of the latest changes of programs' statuses, also you will learn what programs appeared and which ones got closed. All you need to know about HYIP industry news is here. Stay tuned! HYIPNews.com - we are working for you.

Top Choice.

In the Top Choice section our readers may learn about the Top 5 HYIP opportunities currently listed on the site of HYIPNews.com. Please see them right below:

1. Benson Union

Listed: 240 days

Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily!

Term: up to 170 business days!

2. Oil Reserve

Listed: 16 days

Profit: 127-640% after 1-15 days!

Term: up to 45 calendar days!

3. Prospera Nova

Listed: 8 days

Profit: 2% daily!

Term: up to 365 calendar days!

4. O`Clock Progress

Listed: 3 days

Profit: 125-1500% after 1-25 days, 8.65% hourly for 12 hours!

Term: up to 25 calendar days!

5. Felmina

Listed: 431 days

Profit: 1-1.6% daily!

Term: up to 180 business days!

The Top choice section today differs a bit from the one we had this Tuesday. Top 1 position is still taken by Benson Union. As for the rest positions are now taken accordingly by Oil Reserve, Prospera Nova and O`Clock Progress (the new programs promoted on HYIPNews) and one of the old-timers of the HYIP industry, Felmina.


The Openings section gives you the list of the new programs that appeared on the market within the latest 3 days. Please take a look at the first section, which includes the programs recently added to HYIPNews listing and the second part with the rest HYIP, recently appeared online.

WouldSpend 40% daily for 4 days 220-600% after 3-7 days 1200-255% after 14-30 days!
Prime-Invest 0.25% after 24 hours, 0.55-10% daily for 7 Days!
Nubcoyu 1.4% daily up to 200 business days!
Skycrown Capital Management 3-3.5% daily up to 50 business days!
Single Step 110-160% after 1-5 days 230-300% after 10-15 days 25% daily for 7 days!
Royal Union 2.4-3.2% daily up to 90 calendar days!

Rico Trend 128-1888% after 1-60!

InvFunds Liberty-Income RealtyInc Earn-2012 Hyip24 Btearn RealHyipnobitor Rabit-Forex FxBrokersTeam KevinFunds EscortFinance Rapid-Cash MaAtrixJungle RoyaltradersCapital Treasure-Share StableGoldenRules ShortTermFX RasFund OnlineHoard JopaDayMoney Hot-Earning Genius-Trace EurtradeLTD Doinv CashDoubleronline NovusEarnings SmartInvestment BertUsInvest Fast-Profit Daily20 WouldSpend GetRealProfit T2Tinv Stone-Pay ExpressIncome GrowMoneys VaWinner SteadyPlans RealGoldenFunds Modern-Fund GoalROI FutureThere Fox-Union TrustHourly RealMoneyProfit InvestShop

Today we have 7 programs in the first part, one of which has been promoted (O`Clock Progress) and is now moved to the Top Choice. The second part of the section is rather numerous, as usually. Please keep in mind most programs are typical fasts, that may work for less than a week, so earning profit with them is a highly risky enterprise. All in all, due diligence is highly recommended in any case.


Trade Swap - not paying
Asten Ronza - not paying
Website-Invest - not paying
Good Hope Investment - not paying
Contex Capital - not paying
IncomeBro - not paying
Union Asset Management - not paying
Treasure Share - not paying
SpaceInv - not paying

The list of Problem programs today is not large at all. All in all there are less than 10 programs, which is a good sign for the industry. There are various programs in the Problem section today, starting from those working for long on the market and new ones, which have been launched recently enough and still began experiencing troubles. Please take another look at the list above and remember the programs, which are currently dangerous for depositing funds. One program SpaceInv has informed today that payments have been completed, though i can hardly believe that. Once this information will be confirmed i will post the update in the Good News section next Tuesday.


Reliable-Invest (146 days), Wise Raise (67 days), ExcessPay (10 days), Entrofund (70 days), Paid Progress (12 days), Secure Bank Online (7 days), Naza Income (8 days), Wealth To Pay (9 days), Ted Funds (10 days), Best Hot Funds (11 days), BatoInvest (53 days), Indo Dollars (9 days).


Benson Union has been reach in the news this week. First of all, on Tuesday, September 11, the site of the project was suffering a massive DDoS attack. The update of the server config and the domain name has been completed on Wednesday. As it's been reported by the admin, it might take up to 12 hours for all the maintenance to be completed. We are glad to report that name servers have been updated successfully. As of now the website of Benson Union is working properly.

Right after Benson Union was through with the DDoS troubles the webinar date has come. As it's been planned, the webinar, held by the CEO of the project Mr. Ragnar Wellington started at 2.00 PM Eastern Time (GMT -05:00). The webinar was attended by more than 600 people. As reported, next next webinar will be held in October and the goal is to reach 1000+ attendants.

For all, who missed the webinar due to this or that reason, the team of the project has recorded it and anyone, who was not able to join it may have a look at the site following the http://www.anymeeting.com/bensonunion/EB58D8878847.

Some more news from Benson Union. The project is through with integrating the BitCoin payment system. The payments withdrawal and deposit will be processed instantly by the third party BitCoin 24/7. PexPay and SolidTrustPay are the next e-currencies planned for adding the following week.

RightFive has issued the latest newsletter with the purpose to announce hiring of the new PR manager. The project has been working online for just 24 days, though it's worth mentioning that investors might have known about it much earlier. The banner campaign has been organized before the official launch. As reported, the delay was caused by the SolidTrustPay account verification, which takes up to 14 days.

As of now, Steve, the admin has been overwhelmed with the work, including the financial side and he hardly could find time to organize the customers support and proper marketing background for RightFive. And so the decision was taken to hire marketing manager, who would be responsible for customer support, for communicating with investors on forums, posting on blogs and social networks. So Troy Davies appeared and was hired for the post of RightFive marketing manager.

Troy's responsibilities will be to help the clients with general questions, joining the Shoutboxes on famous blogs, as well as to introduce himself on HYIP forums and Facebook. His activity should be reflected in the coming weeks. If anyone has any account issue, whether it's a technical or a financial aspect, one can address to Troy as well, sending e-mail to his personal e-mail address: troy.rightfivegmail.com. Steve also sets a reminder, if you ever get contacted but the RightFive support team member, make sure they are in fact who they say they are. To avoid misinformation, you are recommended to use the website ticket form for solving some serious issues.

Alaska-Trust is currently involved into improving the site functioning. A day ago live chat started working.

AOGO had some server issues and apologized for the errors occurred. By now the errors were fixed and everything is working properly. Another piece of news from AOGO is adding the Google translate module. Anyone may take advantage of reading the translated version of the site and also visit the Facebook group of the project.

ElitPay welcomes all informational and social networks for cooperation. The project is offering partnership withe the owners of blogs, portals, forums. Any offers and are welcome. ElitPay is open for negotiation and cooperating with potential partners.

HYIPNews Events.

The management of HYIPNews.com has decided to lower the prices on banner advertising on the site of HYIPNews.com. You can see the new prices on the Advertising page.

Apart from that we have prepared one more discount coupon for the ad services from HYIPNews.com. Please see the coupon description below and please find the link to the coupon in the mailing, sent to registered members of HYIPNews.com:

1. Effective Launch Package (incl. HOT! Promoting Status + A.Leaderboard 728x90 + C.Banner 468x60 + J.Wide Skyscraper 160x600 + Ads in Survey + Promotional Interview + Text HYIP Review), regular price - $264. We are offering the subscribers to get the Effective Launch package with 25% discount at $198.

Good News.

There's no good news in today's release of the HYIP informational survey apart from Top Oil Commerce, which used to be Problem in our listing. Now all the payments have been completed and the status of the program has been resumed. As for the rest, we are sorry, no more good news, however this can be explained by the fact there were not many problem programs and hence nearly all of them were moved to Closures section or simply didn't manage to recover from Problems yet. Let's hope next time we'll be more lucky and face some Good news.


Recently we received one report concerning the situation with blocking accounts by EgoPay. The thing is that one of the main principles of EgoPay payment processor is that all transactions are final and cannot be reversed. If you have a problem after making a payment, you need to solve this matter directly with the recipient. So how was the block actually going on...?

When a person tried to check the transactions, the message saying his account had been blocked appeared. After contacting the EgoPay support, the person got the reply about some fraudulent transactions that possibly took place on the customer's account. When trying to specify what transaction particularly could be suspicious, the answer came about some sort of investigation that was taking place and no more info could be supplied at that time. If we try to remember the latest issues with AlertPay and Liberty Reserve, they were giving nearly the same responses.

Initially, EgoPay was created as an alternative to Payza, with the ability to transfer the money in and out of Payza with minimum fees. The popularity of EgoPay has been growing rapidly after its launch. It was added by many HYIP admins and monitoring sites, including HYIPNews. Naturally we hope blocking EgoPay accounts will not be happening massively, though unfortunately messages about accounts blockings have already appeared on forums, which will ultimately raise another wave of fury from HYIP investors and admins. Anyway, let's think positive and hope EgoPay won't become another scam payment processor in the future. Otherwise, it will lead to the chaos in the industry, which has just started to reborn after the Liberty Reserve collapse.

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