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Please take your time to read the HYIP Informational Survey 188 published by Abby Anderson on October 03, 2012

Welcome, dear readers! Today is Tuesday. The HYIPNews.co is happy to present you with another HYIP Informational Survey. As always we are pleased to offer you the latest events from the industry, we are covering major updates for the latest 4 days. The new hyip opportunities that appeared online during the weekend are at your attention along with the Problem programs. However as usually we start the informational survey with the positive section, giving the Top Choice investment opportunities at your attention:

Top Choice.

And here we are presenting you with the TOP 5 programs of the HYIPNews listing. The programs given below by these or those reasons are on top of the listing and naturally are the first ones for being considered as the potential investment opportunity. In any case, make your due diligence before jumping into any of them. Good luck with your business, dear investors!

1. Benson Union

Listed: 259 days

Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily!

Term: up to 170 business days!

2. 711Finance

Listed: 14 days

Profit: 12% daily!

Term: up to 12 calendar days!

3. Felmina

Listed: 450 days

Profit: 1-1.6% daily!

Term: up to 180 business days!

4. Eurex Trade

Listed: 574 days

Profit: 1.2-2.9% daily!

5. Finvance

Listed: 78 days

Profit: 8% daily!

Term: up to 28 business days!

The Top Choice section in today's newsletter is obviously not very very much different from the way it looked like last Friday. We don't have a change on the leading position. Benson Union is taking the TOP 1 position. These guys seem to attract far more and more attention from the potential HYIP investors. 711Finance has been promoted on HYIPNews monitor and currently holds the second place. And apart from Felmina and Eurex Trade, which are taking the 3rd and 4th place, we have one new addition to the Top Choice section. Finvance is on the bottom of the Top 5 list. Congratulations to all Top Choice HYIPs!


Please check the list of the new programs that were added to HYIPNews listing. There is also the list of major openings of the weekend below.

Profit Trusted 125-210% after 1-3 days 330-550% after 3-5 days!
Perfect Finance 2.7-3% daily up to 60 calendar days!
Monetary Club 75% daily for 2 days 130-330% after 1-5 days 500-800% after 10-20 days!
Oil Gold Money 75% daily for 2 days 130-330% after 1-5 days 500-700% after 10-20 days!
Ofloxinv 130-270% after 1-3 days 650-1300% after 7-14 days!
MailMoneyGate 7% daily 111-120% after 1-3 days 140-170% after 5-7 days!
Professional Forex Union 1.2-2.4% daily up to 60 calendar days!
Transactions6 2.5% daily up to 90 calendar days!
Just Double 10% daily up to 20 calendar days!
Lagom Finance 8-9% daily up to 20 calendar days!
GenXroi 1.8% - 2.8% daily 110-125% after 7-14 days 145% after 21 days!

ProfitClicking InvestGold FnoCapital SharexFund ProfitEmpower CEsInv PayinAll LibertyPool LRCashEarn RaxFor OurexTrade StableTrusts Harvestrade PerfectLibertyMoney Petrol-Union Large-Means ExpressProfit 99Profit Vinv SuperInvestmentgroup ExpressProfit Prosper-Invest AutoHourly StarFund DosaFund SharesMoneyMakers SunyMoneyPro MAxxInv Oil77 DailyWd SiriusUnion EliteCapital TwiceDollar MartFinance SecureBusiness 10Daily-cash Yield2Me BoostSurf Primex7 EarntoRich Agronila SolidEarnings Gprofits Dollarshared OilFunds CashCrown TradingFXInv

Lots of programs this time. This weekend was rich in openings. As always, mostly there are programs, which look not reputable enough, template-like created, fast scams possibly (just a theory). And still we have some winners, the openings, which seemed good enough to us to be mentioned separately with the details about their investment opportunity and also listed on HIYPNews.com. Today we have 11(!) new sites on Top of the openings section. Remember, every time you take your investment decision, you can get in touch with us, if you need any help or assistance, regarding any choice that you may find suspicious or disputable. We'll be glad to to assist. Good luck with your investment business!


AOGO - not paying

Invest in-building - not paying
LR Investment Corp - not paying
Daily FX Roi - not paying
85 Daily - not paying
Stock Intec - not paying
Vawinner - not paying
Mega Deposit - not paying
Money Expinv - not paying

Here above you are welcome to have a look at the programs which are currently not recommended for investing. They are various though fortunately there are not too many of them. No matter how long they are online, they are all different. There are some proven and long-term projects along with the new ones. The only thing unites them. They are all experiencing problems with paying profits. Beware and stay away from them, at least for a while!


Oil Reserve (35 days), BeeGold (11 days).


The Skycrown Capital Management is a comparatively new program listed at HYIPNews for only 20 days. The project is paying 3-3.5% daily for the investment period of up to 50 days. Yesterday we received another newsletter from this HYIP, saying about the first results it achieved being 1 month online.

So, as the Skycrown Capital Management project growing, and entering the final quarter of the year 2012, a constant and steady rise of the active investors number is observed. Along with the rising number of dedicated supporters this can be a good sign that proves effective performance of the project. Being quite young it strives to finishing the year and entering the new year 2013 with flying colors.

Among the rest achievements of Skycrown Capital Management, the following ones can be singled out: first of all, the previous week exchange option of LR to PM has been enabled. And this week this option is going to be expanded, which is to become more automatic, due to cooperation with Xchanger.org. The project management is making possible to speed up this process, cause this feature is growing in popularity rapidly enough both among the new and old investors.

All in all the admin welcomes everyone to join Skycrown Capital Management and enjoy the investment experience with this company. So far, we have nothing against this one, still don't forget, it is still a HYIP and investing implies significant risk degree. Act wisely, dear friends!

The Genxroi project has been added to HYIPNews listing 3 days ago. The thing that attracts attention in this project is a great abundance and variety of investment plans. You should take a look at the program card to see how various the investment offer of Genxroi is. What is good about the project is that the admin seems to take care of his investors, sending the newsletter after completing 10 days of being online.

So the main topic of the latest newsletter from Genxroi is the update of web design, which is supposed to include more features and will be easier to navigate. The admin reports new web design will be completed in 15 days. Along with the unique blog, showing daily trading updates the new design is about to become more good looking and friendly.

Within first 10 days online, the Genxroi claims to have lots of investors signed up from various countries. The admin promises to work on and on with the professional team of traders who gain profit from investors. Doesn't that sound familiar?! Indeed, such promises have been given multiple times by lots of other admins. Wish at least one of them could tell the truth, maybe this time... we'll see.

Some time ago we have published the news from Intra Funds admin, who revealed himself as the HYIP admin and confirmed that his program just like any other one will close sooner or later. How soon - that depends first of all on investors performance. Today we have received another part of admin revelations, however this time, it is more like an education of new investors. I personally don't know for sure what the goal of the admin of Intra Funds is, so it's getting more and more interesting, which is actually a good point for the business performance itself.

So, today the newsletter was sent to the members of Intra Funds. The newsletter says about implementing the "Education" page on the project's website. The page is supposed to describe what HYIP is mostly for the newbie investors as well as not to let experienced ones how dangerous and risky HYIP business is. The main concept of Intra Funds admin is not to let people, who are not aware that Intra Funds is a HYIP, join the project and invest into it. Strange, i should say...

For more information, you are invited to click on the following link: https://intrafunds.com/index.php?a=cust&page=education. There is also Education tab in the slideshow. The admin insists on reading this information by both the newbies and experienced investors. Moreover looks like it's the first admin, claiming to be an honest one. I personally don't think he actually is. To my mind it's just another marketing trick - to make good and "honest" relationships with every single investor and then make them invest more, making use of their trust. On the other hand, being an honest admin, he never tells anyone to invest.

The admin of Intra Funds is always telling the truth. In this aspect every investment decision is purely investors' choice without any pressure. Whatever, the truth is, knowing you are a scammer and letting other people know about it doesn't mean you can sleep well if you scam everyone down. No matter what this is just a theory so far. Until now the project is paying well and on time. Wish it could last as long as possible!

711Finance adapts the withdrawal rules. As the project is growing fast, with 80 new members registered daily and to somehow limit the number of withdrawal request allowed daily for one member the new rules are being applied by the management of 711Finance. Highly increasing number of withdrawals leads to increasing the workload significantly and hence the following withdrawal rules have been applied by 711Finance:

"1. Only maximum 1 (ONE) withdrawal per calendar day is allowed per member per e-currency
( There is NO LIMIT on the amount, but only on the number of withdrawal requests,
to lower our massive workload )

2. The time frame in which withdrawals are generally processed, is from now on set to
24 hours maximum.

3. If a member requested more than 2 Withdrawals a day, all withdrawal requests of that member will be returned to members account balance.

4. If you requested a withdrawal but you changed your mind, you can always CANCEL yourself these withdrawal requests."
Simply check the section

*** My transaction history ***

and find the little red "X" next to your requests.

You would be able to cancel your request by simply clicking that "X.
In that case, after cancellation, you can find the amount back in your member account balance.
From where you can use it to re-invest or, to collect it to do a larger withdrawal the next time."

The measures are taken in order to prevent fraud with with 12% referral commissions. Besides, setting the limits on the number of withdrawal will ensure enough time for processing all requests by 711Finance.

HYIPNews Events.

We have prepared one more discount coupon for the ad services from HYIPNews.com. Please see the coupon description below and also find the link to the coupon in the mailing, sent to registered members of HYIPNews.com:

1. Effective Launch Package (incl. HOT! Promoting Status + A.Leaderboard 728x90 + C.Banner 468x60 + J.Wide Skyscraper 160x600 + Ads in Survey + Promotional Interview + Text HYIP Review), regular price - $264. We are offering the subscribers to get the Effective Launch package with 25% discount at $198.

Good News.

Asten Ronza is the only program that managed to get back to paying status, fortunately to investors of this HYIP. No wonder that we don't have many programs here. The number of Problems was not that large and many of them remained problem after all. Anyway, congratulations both to the admin and members of Asten Ronza!


The following e-mail came from the staff of PexPay, alternative payment processor:

"Hello PexPay Customer,
Monday, October 8, 2012 is a Federal Holiday (Federal Reserve closed), however, PexPay will be open. Due to this holiday, service availability will be impacted. Please see below for more information. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us by way of support ticket or on live chat.
Services that will be effected:
·Wire Transfers
These services will resume on Tuesday, October 9, 2012.

Thank you,
Pex Pay
Your Bridge to Anywhere

We all know that Columbus Day is the official day-off for all US citizens and despite the fact we appreciate the notice that PexPay is going to work this day. Naturally some services, which imply governmental regulations, such as ACH and Wire transfers are going to be limited. We don't have to worry about that. In any case, we are sure, on October 9, Tuesday, as reported, all services will be resumed.

Another update that came from PexPay payment was about the ACH deposits and withdrawal option. The good news here is that within the entire month of October, all ACH deposits to customer's account become fee free.

There have also been made some changes to the ACH deposit limits and withdrawals. As it's been known previously the limits set were $2000 per transaction. The good news here is that starting from today, October 1st, the limits have been increased. Starting from today the new limits per transaction set are $3000. The reason for changing the limits has been to some degree a customers feedback. As reported, the limits increase is a permanent change, which is not going to be altered later on.

The management of PexPay hopes that enabling the fee-free ACH deposits within the entire month as well as the increased limits for deposits and withdrawals will be welcomed by the customers and naturally will lead to the increase of the PexPay membership. So, let's wish this e-currency fast growth and stable development in the niche of e-currency payment processors.

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