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Finvance reports on surpassing the 10,000 active investors mark. And Finvance is grateful for all the trust and confidence of its investors. Apart...

Finvance reports on surpassing the 10,000 active investors mark. And Finvance is grateful for all the trust and confidence of its investors. Apart from that, another milestone is claimed to be achieved. As reported Finvance has passed over 1 million dollars, paid to its investors since the very launch of the program.

Another thing explained in the latest newsletter from Finvance first of all touches upon new investors. The admin asks not to send multiple e-mails asking how soon the withdrawal is going to be paid, at least until the deadline declared passes. Sending such ticket requests affects the work of the support service greatly, which in its turn slows down the response time for the customers, who really need some support.

As the explanation, some basic withdrawal terms have been provided. So if a person does withdrawal and the waiting time is more than declared, it is more like an error within your Finvance profile for withdrawal.

Further on there goes some clarification about certain types of withdrawal to certain e-currencies. Let me quote this part for you to avoid any misunderstanding:

"Remember STP withdrawals are processed with account names (login ID), not email addresses.
PerfectMoney withdrawals also have come up as an issue for some. PerfectMoney accounts begin with an U or an E for withdrawals.
Additionally, account details for withdrawals should be perfectly formatted. Do not allow a blank space or any extra space or a minor error to cause your withdrawal to fail.
The last withdrawal item is that some individuals are requesting withdrawals, but have no account information on file for that withdrawal e-currency. Please update your account profiles with the appropriate e-currency account information and then re-submit an old withdrawal request.

Once you have made any fixes to your account information, please cancel your withdrawal and re-submit it."

Some individual members are still affected by some technical issue. The part of SolidTrustPay and EgoPay deposits are not credited to accounts immediately. Anyone who faced this trouble is recommended to send the e-mail with Finvance username and the complete transaction details to the Finvance support and wait for the staff to contact you.

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