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Today, inspite of established tradition, I want to make a presentation of two programs. The fact is these two program are very similar, and both are so hot that they can not be missed, because they are super-short. These two programs are called FantasticROI and Armada Traders. Both of them are returning a 125% profit after 1 day, and both are promising more than 1000% in a month. FantasticROI has been working for 9 days, Armada Traders - 5.

In other plans for the programs there are some differs, of course. And these differences are quite noticeable. Armada Traders pays after 1 day, after 5, 10, 15 through 25 and after 45 days.

45 Days - 5000%
25 Days - 1500%
15 days - 750%
10 days - 500%
5 days - 250%
Day 1 - 125%

FantasticROI has also six plans, but terms are differs:

30 Days - 3300%
20 Days - 1200%
10 days - 500%
3 days - 185%
Day 1 - 125%
13 hours - 13% per hour

Both sites are well protected. There ss SSL and DDoS Protection. Fantastic ROI also claims to host their website on the dedicated server. Payments during the whole time as it works are carried out promptly and without any delays. There were no failures at all.

Indicators of both programs are virtually identical. In Armada Traders, I remind you - period of 4 days, the FantasticROI - almost twice more. If you multiply the current rates Armada Traders twice, they will be only slightly lag behind the Fantastic ROI.

Armada Traders
Total accounts: 452
Active accounts: 249
Total invested: $ 12,752.74
Total paid: $ 3,043.52

Fantastic ROI
Total accounts: 1458
Active accounts: 788
Total deposited: $ 35,033.91
Total withdraw: $ 13,940.99

Both programs accept LR and PM, and they even use the same logos.

The good news is that the Armada-Traders also has video instructions and a calculator on its website.

Referral programs in both programs are not simple and very attractive. Fantastic ROI has a 3% in the Armada-Traders - 15%. Both programs are attractive, so make a profit on the referral is possible. The main thing is that you understand that this is very risky. Especially considering the profits offered by the most long-term plans Armada-Traders and Fantastic ROI. She is not real and, of course, the activity designated in the legend of the two companies can not provide a steady income over a long period of time.


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