Updated: 02/20/2013 11:37
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We have received one important news update from one of the Top programs listed at Track Invest . This HYIP has been listed for 89 days....

We have received one important news update from one of the Top programs listed at - Track Invest. This HYIP has been listed for 89 days. Within this period of time, the project has performed good enough to be able to pay 3.5-5% daily for the period of up to 60 calendar days. The most profitable and the longest investment plan according to the terms of the program has already matured, which means one investment cycle has been completed, and the principals have been paid to the members. Congratulations!


The latest update sounds more like a word of thanks to the members for their support and trust. Apart from that, the newsletter reminds about some recent downtime as the result of the DDoS attack. Only the move to BlockDos servers helped to overcome he DDoS. There is finally a reminder concerning visiting the Facebook page of the project in case of troubles. The latest news are always given there, even if the site of Track Invest is not loading. Please see more about the latest developments in the newsletter from Track Invest, quoted below:


"Dear member,

This update is just to inform you about latest developments. Firstly, we would like to take this chance to thank you for all your support, confidence and trust in our services.
Secondly, you may have observed some down time of few hours yesterday which was result of huge DDOS attack. To provide your uninterrupted and continuous services, we have changed and upgrade our DDOS Protection from Black Lotus to BlockDos. As a result, you will not see any down time in the future.
Please always visit our Face Book page whenever you see some problem. We regularly update our Face Book page. Also if you are satisfied with our services, please dont hesitate to hit the like button in face book page; here is the link;"

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