Updated: 03/22/2013 17:48
Hyip Monitor

SureInv gladly announces that Regional Representative program launched recently is in full swing now. It's been reported that the project currently has 29 reps from 16 countries. All of the regional representatives are listed on the program page. The representative list page can be accessed from the top bar or the bottom of any front-end page on SureInv.

As it's been also reported some countries, especially the large ones and those with huge investment potential, require more than one regional representative and hence more than one have been selected. Another reason for choosing more than one regional representative for one country is when some of the reps has been cooperating successfully in the past before the representative program has been launched. In that case this person, if willing is added as an alternative rep, no matter if there's another one hired or not.

In any case, not every country is still taken, so if you look through the list and don't find the representative in your region, you are free to apply for the position by contacting the admin.

One more important reminder in the latest newsletter says about the payouts schedule, which are processed on Saturdays as well. However it is important to realize, to be able getting paid on Saturday the request should be sent before 12:00 GMT.

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