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Yesterday we wrote about scammers that “promote” their frauds with the help of popular HYIP names (you can read about it here: About Some...

Yesterday we wrote about scammers that “promote” their frauds with the help of popular HYIP names (you can read about it here: About Some Tricks of Scammers). Incidentally, the project of that type called goldcherryshares.com has been already closed. The news about this program can be read here. Today we want to bring to your attention the information which we got from another signal. It is reported about another type of deception in it.

La veille HYIP Forum (This link used to lead to a forum, it is no longer relevant) who joined us in October last year, reported on a project called reliablenetinvest.biz. The fact is that the project was officially launched by the administrator of reliablenetinvest.com. And reliablenetinvest.com was closed and does not pay. After that the administrator, who calls himself Gabriel Spierig sent out a newsletter with the following content: “We'll close RELIABLENETINVEST.COM. You can sign up and continue investing with us in RELIABLENETINVEST.BIZ”. I suppose it is needless to say that both sites are not working now and both of them did not bring profits to investors.

High-yield investing is meaningful as long as there are those who earn. Unfortunately, only those investors earn, who keep investing despite the losses on the first stages of investing. Of course, experienced investors unlikely to buy into such a cheap trick (as described above) but there are many investors who make their first deposits almost blindly. Do not make deposits blindly.

By the way, the quickest way to receive the signals of our agents is to keep track of posts on this forum (previously, this link led to a forum, it is no longer relevant). You can receive notifications about new topics straight to your email.

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