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Hello, dear friends, investors and members. We are pleased to welcome everyone reading our regular HYIP informational survey. We appreciate your attention and in our turn do all possible to provide you with well timed, professional and really hot information from the HYIP opportunities working currently online. All events of the active HYIPs, any update on a niche blog is posted within the informational survey. The team of HYIPNews.com is working hard to prepare the detailed stats on Problem programs, Closed opportunities and new HYIPs appeared online within the latest days. All in all, HYIPNews.com is publishing the fullest and the most interesting HYIP Informational survey on the market. This opinion is objective and we are proud about that fact. Good to hear, you like what we do! Let's start with the Top Choice section:

Top Choice

The TOP 10 investment of this week are presented at your attention. Split into two sub-sections, take a look below, please:

HyipNews Choice

The first 5 are proven programs, which are assigned with maximum admin rating at HYIPNews monitoring. See the list below:

1. SecureAssets

Listed: 37 daysProfit: 2.2-2.8% daily!Term: up to 100 business days!

2. Australian Business Group

Listed: 287 daysProfit: 1-2.2% daily!Term: up to 80 calendar days!

3. Pure Income

Listed: 107 daysProfit: up to 2.3% daily!Term: up to 180 calendar days!

4. Allientus

Listed: 186 daysProfit: 2-3% daily!Term: up to 75 calendar day!

5. After90Days

Listed: 325 daysProfit: 108% after 1 month! 2% weekly for lifetime!Term: up to 30 calendar days!

Sticky Listing

And here in this list, please take your time to look through the 5 TOP sticky listed programs and those paid-promoted at HYIPNews.com. See the list of these programs below:

Malaysian Inc

Listed: 95 daysProfit: 1.6-2.95% daily!Term: up to 120 business days!


Listed: 33 daysProfit: 140-3400% after 1-35 days!Term: up to 100 calendar days!


Listed: 8 daysProfit: 10-56% after up to 130 days!Term: up to 130 calendar days!

Emperor Fund

Listed: 239 dayProfit: 1-4% daily!Term: up to 365 calendar days!

HytexAG Ltd

Listed: 79 dayProfit: 1.5-8% daily!Term: up to 50 calendar days!

The Top Choice in its upper part does not differ from the one we had on Tuesday. All HYIPNews Choice programs remain the same. Speaking about the Sticky Listing, there are some changes. First of all 45Invest has been paid-promoted on HYIPNews listing. As forEmperor Fund andHytexAG Ltd they are not paid promoted and simply mentioned in the Sticky Listing because they are close to Top 5, given in the HYIPNews Choice. Don't forget to vote for your favorite program to keep it running on Top for as long as possible. Remember, positioning depends on many factors, however you may see if this or that program goes up or down in the rating, it is immediately reflected in the Sticky listing and HYIPNews Choice section.


Let us continue the HYIP Informational Survey by presenting you with the New HYIP programs that appeared online within the week. As usually this section is split into two parts: the first one gives the detailed presentation of the new programs added to HYIPNews listing. And the second part gives the list of the rest programs, that were launched lately.

Secret Creations 2-2.5% daily up to 100 calendar days!
Unlim Funds 4-5% daily up to 35 calendar days!
Forex V&R Profit 130-2000% after 1-15 days!
Gold Alliance Fund 4.5% daily/45% every two weeks!
40DaysForex 1.4-4% daily up to 40 calendar days!
Pays 7 Days 1,75% every 2 hours/25% daily for 7 days/210% after 7 days!
SilverOz 2% daily up to 150 calendar days!

12daily-invest Coal-trade Fxweal Hyipinvest Investtocash Nanoinvestltd Natureinv Neweaglesinvestment Novarroinvestment Optimaxinv Pif7 Profitfxplus Profitgears Robotfunds Sharewallet Smartcapital Summerinvest Trade1 Way-2-dollar Profita-bank

Not many programs are added today to the Openings section of today's informational survey. Good to admit we have seven in the first part, besides, you can still take a closer look at those given in the list above. Quite possibly you will find some investment opportunities that would suit your investment needs and expectations. The only advice i would like to give is to make due diligence when analyzing any new HYIP that is added online.


RealityFunds - not paying
Mass Fx Profit - not paying
Ex Earn - not paying
Car Ltd - not paying
Invest Gap - not paying
Reality Funds - not paying
Xprofit - not paying
Time-Earn - not paying
Wealth Blast - not paying
Invest Factory - not paying

The list of Problem programs today is back not very large. Obviously that is a positive trend, however one should not forget that nearly all programs have been moved to blacklist and only one program was moved to the Good News section. We'll talk about it in a more detailed way in the Good News section below in today's survey. And so far, the Problem programs given above are dangerous for investing, for further investigation in action.


Dialectic Finance (16 days), Finance Power (48 days), Safe Reserve (11 days), Ture Profit (522 days), Time Warner (91 days), Livermore Investments (92 days), Lets Build A Plan (94 days), Truth Money Time (24 days), XXL Fund (9 days), Gold Capital Fund (45 days), Enstrade (58 days), Fairy Funds (62 days), NBA Investment Company (136 days), Trusted Withdraw (7 days), Trusted Profit (9 days), X-FundForex (11 days), Highlight Finance (66 days).


FxGroupLtd gladly informs of adding one more payment option - QIWI Wallet.

BriscoFund had their first webinar. Anyone not able to attend it can see it recorded on the site soon. After the webinar, there appeared lots of new ideas from the members of BriscoFund. One of them has already resulted in adding the new feature on the website. The "Internal Transfer" feature has been added to the member area. The new feature gives opportunity for the current members to transfer funds from the Account Balance to referrals or just friends within the BriscoFund system. The amounts transferred can later on be used for making deposits.

ADRO Capital has posted a very short update, simply saying the program has been running for 23 days and offering to join the team of the project.

Tetra Funds has introduced withdrawal fees and removed minimum withdrawal amount limit. In the very beginning of the latest newsletter from Tetra Funds, the new program added to HYIPNews listing 10 days ago, which is paying 2.5-3% daily for the term of up to 120 business days, the admin is showing gratitude towards all, who joined the project and has shown trust to the investment opportunity offered by this program. As claimed,Tetra Funds "...will help you to achieve 'financial freedom' and that we are going to build a strong business relation with you..." We'll see how it actually works out, so far so good. As of now all monitors, whereTetra Funds is listed are showing Paying statuses.
There's also a report concerning removing the withdrawal limits for Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money transactions. Any amount preferred can be withdrawn from now on. As for SolidTrustPay and EgoPay - limits have been reduced to $1.
There's also another addition. Along with removing the limits, some fees have been applied to e-currency transactions. The fees are 1% for LR and PM, whereas 3% applies for STP and EgoPay.

Earning Alliance is now six online. The newsletter has been issued giving the summary of the project's trading activity within the 6th week online. Apart from that, some more goals have been set and news fromEarning Alliance have been revealed.
Speaking about the goals to be achieved: This week, there is a plan to reach the mark of 2200 registered members and $120k in total investments. This goal seems to be real enough, cause by now it's been reported current membership is 1800 and asset amount managed is already over $100K.
As usually, trading activity of the project is shown on a separate page. The entire idea on showing the page to public is to give a wider idea about the wayEarning Alliance works to the audience. This week, the report, accessible following the link above includes a few stock trades of the current week. Next time the newsletter is issued, Richard promises to publish some.
There's also some more pieces of news from Earning Alliance, given in the latest newsletter. First of all, there's a reminder saying that official Facebook page of the project is managed personally by Richard Heyden, which means, if any urgent support is needed, one should not hesitate and leave the question on the pages of Facebook to get some quick reply.
Apart from that there's a notification concerning accepting more new representatives to the project. Richard gladly introduces Fernando from the French Guiana and Nick from Kenya. The residents of these countries can now talk in live with the representatives ofEarning Alliance in their regions. Remember, application is still open. Anyone willing may join the team of the project applying for the position of regional representative. By now there's no fixed number of representatives accepted, which means, everyone has the chance still.

Gold Alliance Fund have received a thankful newsletter from the CEO and staff of the project. They thank everyone for the huge feedback received since the very launch of this HYIP. It's been only 2 days after this project has been added to HYIPNews.com, so it's too soon to make any conclusion. There's also a word of thank you for the help in reaching or even exceeding some goals set for the first 5 days of the project run. Here is the list of the goals and results, achieved or exceeded by Gold Alliance Fund:
"Our Goals and the Results:
450 members - Exceeded
45% of members have an active investment - Met
$45 000 in active investments - Exceeded
$4 500 Already paid out to members - Met"
Within the next weeks some new features are about to be added to the website of Gold Alliance Fund. The CEO tries to keep the updates in secret, simply reminding to check the website more often to look for the updates. One feature has already been added today, by the way. It's a new forum, which has been added to the ratings page, where members can discuss the performance of the project, they are involved in.
Getting back to the support and clients' feedback, the CEO ofGold Alliance Fund claims to be adding a $45 token to all members signed up before March 16. This is a sign of gratitude to show continuing appreciation for the members' support and trust in Gold Alliance Fund.

HYIPNews Events

Once again, we are sending the discount coupons for the services offered at HYIPnews Shop Online. Clicking the links to the coupons below, you have a chance to get the discounts on the ad services, provided by HYIPNews.com. One more time we publish the discount coupon for the Effective Launch Package and another coupon is for the banner advertising:

1. Effective Launch Package (incl. Sticky Listing + A.Leaderboard 728x90 + C.Banner 468x60 + J.Wide Skyscraper 160x600 + Ads in Survey + Promotional Interview + Text HYIP Review), regular price - $354. We are offering the subscribers to get the Effective Launch package with 25% discount at $266.

2. Ads in Survey + A.Leaderboard 728x90 + J.Wide Skyscraper 160x600 with 25% discount at $59.99

Today we are are pleased to welcome you with the interview with Mr. Galinec Mihael, the admin of Tetra Funds, the new program, launched 10 days ago and added to the Sticky listing of HYIPNews.com. Mr. Mihael was so kind to answer some of the questions we asked him regarding the performance and activity ofTetra Funds HYIP. Please find the complete interview below. If you have any other questions concerning the performance of Tetra Funds, you may contact us or directly the support of the project. So here we go, the interview with the admin ofTetra Funds at your attention.

1)Hello and welcome on the pages of HYIPNews.com. Please, introduce yourself to our readers and tell us about your position in the company.

Hi All. First Let me thank HYIPNews.com for providing an excellent opportunity to share my program details to the members globally. My name is Galinec Mihael, I'm working as an admin in Tetra Financial Services Pvt Ltd. I keep myself busy in both online & offline work. We spend most of our work time in offline works, Our marketing team have to meet clients everyday and need to explain the opportunity to do business with us. Online, We have to respond to the support queries and needs to handle the cashflow in our online accounts.

2) What is the mission of your company? Why did you decide to be engaged in such controversial activities as high-yield investing?

Our Vision is to help members achieve financial freedom. Everyone wants to earn passively online but most of them cannot achieve their dream. Similarly there are some people that always want to expand their business by various methods. We generate funds from Mid-level companies in the UK by providing business consulting, forex signal services & financial management services. Similarly we have found a precious source online, in the name of HYIP. It can help us by getting funds directly from anyone across the world to enlarge our business at the same time we can reward them by sharing our profits with them. It will help us as well as members. Actually, this is a win-win situation.

3) You do acknowledge that your investment offer is high-yielding and therefore risky, don't you? What niches of investment are you working at? How can you secure your investors' funds and make such a high profit declared - up to 3% daily?

Well, the plans are designed after a brainstorming discussion with our operation and management team. We make revenues in various parameters. Our business does not just depend on one source. We have Multi sources to generate income of more than 3%. The major sources for our income is offline loans & Online tradings. I do agree that 3% per day is very high but at the same time we can reduce our risk by making various metrics & parameters in the business standards.

4) The duration of your investment plans is 120 and 100 business days accordingly. It's an obvious characteristic of a long-term project, so is that how the project is positioned? Basically how long are you planning to stay online?

The plan duration is not a longer period. I can say that we will definitely get a place in online world to stay for a long-time, because We have done a lot of studies and experiments to make this a possibility. I hope we will acheive this.

5) How fast do you pay?

We are clearing all the withdrawals in less than 24 hours.

6) By the way, are you running a legally registered company or just a HYIP project? In case there's a company, please tell, how long has it been operating and are there any proofs for the company registered?

Tetrafunds.com is managed directly by "Tetra Financial Services Pvt Ltd". Our team has working for a long time but officially we have registered in companies house on few months back.

7) If your company is registered, does it have any legal rights to run investment activity?

Yes. Our company is registered in the UK. Our company ID is 8472014. We have the legal rights to do our operations.

8) How can investors get in touch with you?

Investors and members can get in touch with me by sending a message in the "contact us" page.. First few days, we had got some issues in our contact us page and now it is resolved. So the members won't have trouble reaching out to our team. Meanwhile members can just drop a message in Skype(Tetrafunds). I'll be online in Skype for atleast 2 hours a day to respond your queries.

9) Are there any questions that are not mentioned in a FAQ section but are frequently asked by investors?

Yes.. I would like to explain this. The Plan-2 (Advanced Plan) is a 100% compounding plan. The everyday earnings will get compounded automatically. Members can't withdraw their funds before the plan expires. Pre-closing the plan after 40 days is the another option to withdraw the earnings + invested amount.

10) And lastly, is there anything else you want to tell our readers?

Join with us and extend your support. Together we can achieve our goal. Achieving financial freedom is not so far :)

Good News

Today there is only one program program that can be included to the Good News section. This is Ras Fund. The admin of this HYIP has recovered the paying statuses on major monitoring sites and obviously resumed paying profits to the members. Let's take a closer look at the further development for another week. Hopefully these troubles will not be recurrent and the HYIP mentioned will restore people's trust.


Liberty Reserve has posted the update on its blog, which says about the scheduled maintenance on May 18, 2013 between 07:00 and 08:00 UTC. As usually it's reported the update will give faster and more productive system. See the official news here: http://blog.libertyreserve.com/2013/05/scheduled-maintenance-may-18th-0700am.html

The SolidTrustPay official blog has also been updated with the new post concerning the upcoming holidays and the working schedule of the office. On May 20th, Canada celebrates Victory Day, and hence STP's offices will be closed this day. Extra day is expected for completing bank wire transactions. Apart from that one more extra day-off s expected on the Memorial Day long weekend (May 27th) due to the US Federal Holiday. The support service of SolidTrustPay will keep on working on schedule on the Memorial Day. See the official news here: http://solidtrustnews.com/2013/05/15/upcoming-holidays/

HYIP Blogs.

Our readers possibly know about the HYIP blog called HYIP Pulse. It often publishes interesting updates and news from the life of HYIPs online. Apart from that there is a series of educational and analytical materials, which are aimed at teaching the newbie investors how not to get lost in the world of HYIP opportunities. The latest update, though, gives some unusual information to its readers. This time, the author has posted the article, which tells about the rules of using HYIP Pulse monitor. Please check the link, if you want to know more: http://blog.hyip-pulse.com/advice-about-how-to-use-hyip-pulse/

About the author

Walter Anderson used to work as a creative freelance writer with three years experience in the industry working in print and online media. I used to search for exciting new projects and hence launched the monthly online newsletter, which has been supposed to increase any website traffic by 40%. Since 2010, Walter Anderson has been officially hired by HYIPNews.com media portal first for the position of the article and news writer writer and then starting from 2012, the vacant position for the chief writer at HYIPNews has been taken by Walter Anderson and is still taken by now.
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