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The Mavlo Profit HYIP is listed at HYIPNews and currently takes the 35th place paying 4% daily for 10 days and 8% weekly for 52 weeks. The program is...

The Mavlo Profit HYIP is listed at HYIPNews and currently takes the 35th place paying 4% daily for 10 days and 8% weekly for 52 weeks. The program is growing well enough and so far there are no reasons to rate it low. The newsletters are not delivered to the membership on the regular basis, still if something important happens, the admin always informs the members about the updates.

This time the newsletter delivered by the admin of Mavlo Profit informs the members about coming into the final month of the year. We all got used to calling it Black December. Hopefully for the Mavlo Profit HYIP this month won't become really black. The thing is that while being online for 3 months, it has only been listed at HYIPNews for 33 days. Despite that the admin is sure all members are happy about getting regular payouts with no delays or selective payout issues. Please take some time to read through the newsletter from Mavlo Profit below:

"Hello Members,
First of all we would like to congratulate everybody for coming into the final month of the year, if you are receiving this message it means you are alive, it is not by our power nor by our might but by the grace of God. The were ups and downs throughout the year but am glad we all made it to this very moment. We have been online for over 3 months now and still paying all our clients. Its also a thing of joy that every member of our program is making good profits, their has not been any case of delayed or selective payouts. All payouts have been totally AUTOMATC. Thanks to our 6 men team of experienced traders. It would be unfair not to mention their names because they are the major brains behind our profit making. Joe blarry Jean Touqse Thomas Ronaldo Pete Wauck Namaea namara Daley Veekayin We will continue the good work of the lord, and we wish you all a happy xmas and new year in advance. Thank You The Mavlo Profit Team"

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