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There recently have been some short news from several investment projects involved into HYIP investing. We are pleased to offer some news digest at...

There recently have been some short news from several investment projects involved into HYIP investing. We are pleased to offer some news digest at your attention not to miss anything and that is why some words about every piece of news are right here below. All in all the weekend has been rather informative, which is why for your convenience and with the purpose to deliver hot information to the readers of we are presenting this news digest right here below.

vehTrade has issued the newsletter #5 announcing the 1 month online. Congrtulations! There is not much of info within, just a notification about hard work done by the staff of the project:
"VEHTRADE LTD ( today celebrates 1 month in business. We are happy to report that so far all participants are happy and Payments processed fast. Earn up to 1.90% Daily for 180 Days Earn up to 11% Weekly for 33 Weeks EgoPay, Perfect Money, BitCoin, Payeer, OkPay & PexPay Support is always a top priority and finally generating profits for our participants. This is our 1st Month but expect to see a many more lifespan and other accomplishments coming soon. The VehTrade Administration Team."

VXprofit has reported about being online for 20 days. As reported the project has exceeded the milestone 2K and total deposit amount of $580000. Hard to believe that, anyway, however such results have been claimed by the admin of VXprofit:
"Thank you for your dedication and support of VXprofit LTD. VXprofit website has been online for 20 days now. This week we member breakthough two thousand and deposit breakthough $580000. VXprofit LTD is the perfect choice for you to make money. We are here to you to help you change your destiny. We offer a best affiliate program, 3% referral commissions. We currently operate with these four payment methods: Perfect Money, EgoPay and Payeer. Don't forget to join us on Facebook on our official page: Facebook group: Thank you, VXprofit LTD"

Mavlo Profit has made some changes in the tech and support team. The changes have been applied for one reason - to make the support better and faster. Apart from that the changes in the technical side of the project are aimed to establish the instant withdrawal and increase the website security:
"Hello Members, we would like to inform you that we have made certain changes in our technical ans support team. Their would now be fast response on support request, instant withdrawal and increased website security. We have also procured the services of 12 more monitors, so now we have a total of 48 monitors with the PAYING status. We also recorded massive inflow and outflow of funds in the subsequent week, with a total number of 12604 members and 9438 active investors. We are making our way to the top. Thank you for choosing mavloprofit. YOUR PATHWAY TO PROSPERITY. The Mavlo Profit Team WWW.MAVLOPROFIT.COM"

Those are the news from three HYIPs working online. Two programs are listed at HYIPNews: vehTrade and Mavlo Profit. They are both at the bottom of the list located close to each other, taking positions 33 and 34 respectively. If we have any other short news further on, we'll be glad to deliver some more news digests in the future.

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