Updated: 02/10/2014 12:05
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SolidTrustPay , one of the leading ecurrency processors used in HYIP industry welcomes new merchants to take advantage of using the exclusive eWallet...

SolidTrustPay, one of the leading e-currency processors used in HYIP industry welcomes new merchants to take advantage of using the exclusive eWallet business solutions. Anyone who needs one's business to have fast and reliable way to accept online transactions is welcome onboard. SolidTrustPay gives a number of tools, which are supposed to be used for facilitating online businesses.

The tools include though not limited to payment buttons, which allow other SolidTrustPay members to make purchases directly through a merchant's website. There are also tools for completing purchases by customers using credit cards, without even having the SolidTrustPay account active. Apart from that SolidTrustPay offers tools for those willing to get started quickly by fast and easy integration with As reported, for easy integration with it is enough to add the snippet of code to your website in the customer purchase area. Once done the clients get redirected to the secure checkout page to get the transaction completed in seconds. In case the target website has SSL secured protection, there is an option to choose the non-redirect “invisible API” feature, which gives customers a seamless purchasing experience.

All merchants before having the SolidTrustPay tools integrated with the websites of their own are subject to required to provide some necessary information to SolidTrustPay customer support. Here is the list of the information required:

"Your business model: an overall explanation of the business you have.
Website URL: the address of your business website. We do not allow merchants to operate through social networking sites, instant messaging applications, forums, or other media.
Company documentation: any corporate papers (for example, certificate of incorporation or other business registration documents), business registration number, or EIN (employer identification number).
The name of your company"

Once the verification is done, you will be offered to make use of all the tools needed for making your website the fully functioning SolidTrustPay merchant.

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