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latest news digest fexpero investment profitlender and hex fund ltd
Have a look at the digest of the latest news from the HYIPs online By now we have the news from three HYIPs: FexPero Investment Profitlender and Hex Fund
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Have a look at the digest of the latest news from the HYIPs online. By now we have the news from three HYIPs: FexPero Investment, Profitlender and Hex Fund Ltd, and we are glad to deliver the news from these HYIPs at your attention. The first news has been posted by the admin of Hex Fund Ltd. He notified about the website downtime that occurred recently. Currently the troubles have been fixed and the site is online. See the newsletter from Hex Fund Ltd admin below:

"We apologize that site was not working for some time, now it's fix and you can keep using our service.
Bets regards,
Hex Fund Ltd"

The admin of FexPero Investment has informed that due to recent changes in the monetary policy of the country of origin of the project, the commission of 3% will be charged to all transactions via bankwire. There is also a warning against using multiple accounts within the project with the purpose of earning referral commissions. The newsletter from FexPero Investment gives summary of trading results this week, which claimed to be rather successful. See the newsletter from FexPero Investment below:

Due to the recent changes in the monetary policy of the country, we have decided to charge 3% on all deposit via bank wire. This includes both deposit and withdrawal . Furthermore, it hs come to our notice that some users now register more than 1 accounts in a bid toearn referral commission. Please if you are one of such users,we plead with you to stop the act because hence forth all such users shall be terminated and their funds forfieted.
We have been recording great success in our tradings throughout the week, our heads tarders Chaire Douglas announced earlier today at the board meeting. We have recently bought 3% shares at Rajen Dynamics Oil and Gas limited in Iran. We hope this boosts our morale in the financial industry so that we can serve you all for a long time to come. Our status at all monitoring site is still PAYING .
May you all have a great week ahead of you and may god guide you in all your dealings.

Henrique Fexlin ero
Heads of Operation
Fexpero Holdings"

And the latest newsletter has also been delivered by the admin of Profitlender HYIP, which is listed at HYIPNews for only 9 days. The newsletter is not informative, it looks more like a reminder that the project is online and working. Not more. See the newsletter below:

"It is a great pleasure to announce that we are already working within ten days and we aren't going to stop.
We are moving forward according our plans in order to give you opportunity to gain expected profit.
Online chat will be active soon and we will become even closer to you.
Thank you for choosing to stay with us!
Jacob Audley"

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