Updated: 08/01/2014 21:36
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The latest news digest reports about the importance of securing members' accounts, the problems with verifying AuGoldPartners SolidTrustPay account, 10 days online of Profit Stable, upgrade and new plans from SuccessRoadToWealth and recent milestones of Brokers Incorporated.

The admin of GenialStockExchange places the reminder about the importance of taking care about the security. As reported, there's notice that lots of investors are using very simple passwords and transaction codes, and thus it puts accounts into risk. With the purpose of making the account more secured it is recommended to change both the password and the transaction codes. Please remember, in order to change any information on member's account the transaction code is needed.

There is also another advice for anyone not able to access account to send email to the following e-mail: [email protected]. The e-mail should include username, email, question secret, answer secret. Once verified the new password will be sent to member's account.

The AuGoldPartners has failed with the SolidTrustPay account verification. Meanwhile, investing to SolidTrustPay is only possible manually. The full instructions on how to deposit via SolidTrustPay are there on the member's account available after clicking the Deposit with STP button. Among other updates there is a notice about integration of the exchange service. The funds exchange is also processed manually. Customers contact the support via Live chat and have their money exchanged. The funds exchange option is available in case there is enough spare funds and completed with no fees charged.

Profit Stable is 10 days online. The introduction newsletter has been delivered to celebrate the first small anniversary. It is not informative, more like an introducing and thankful one. The admin thanks every single member for the support and joining the team.

The SuccessRoadToWealth has reported about the soon upgrade, which is about to take place in a month or so. Unfortunately, along with the upgrade notice, there is a suspicious report about the oncoming investment plans change, which is not a good sign for the program's future. As reported the plans are going to be changed to short-term ones. Once upgrade is done, every member will need to have the account reopened. So, starting from today, August 1, the new investment plans are available: 1% daily for 10 working days and 1.5% daily for 10 working days, both with the principal not included. The minimum deposit announced for joining the new plans is $200 and $500 for these plans accordingly. I would stay cautious about the future of SuccessRoadToWealth in respect of the new plans added. We'll watch the development of the story until the upgrade announced.

The Brokers Incorporated HYIP above 1400 registered members. As the project grows the $600 bonus is given up with members investments. It's also been reported about the huge profit made on forex 186%, which is a chance to make solid revenue for the members.

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