Updated: 04/24/2009 23:00
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Some information regarding internet security. Trojan captures specific screen images, records keystrokes, steals all your confidential financial information and then sends it to a remote attacker. Recently certain computer security experts began paying attention to a Trojan that targets online bank accounts. This Trojan can cause extreme harm to customers’ finances, computer and their life.

This Trojan is called Trojan.SilentBanker. Its computer attacks are executed in a very clever manner. It hides and waits on a hard drive without a user’s knowledge. Trojan.SilentBanker activates itself as soon as a user logs into his/her online banking account.

It steals usernames and passwords and uses them to change account details, then it takes such steps that makes user’s money be actually transferred to the bank account of the malware mastermind.

It is important for all internet banking users to minimize many of the risks involved by working in their online bank accounts from their own computer. It is also extremely important to be aware that any e-mails that customers receive which ask them to update their banking details is probably false, even if it looks like original. All these warnings are not about only Trojan.SilentBanker, which is just one of many Trojans designed to steal your information and money.

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