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latest hyip news digest october 20 2015
Design update, launch of representative program and major development updates from the hyips online in the latest news digest published on Ocrtober 20
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Design update, launch of representative program and major development updates from the hyips online in the latest news digest published on Ocrtober 20

Grand Rialto, listed at HYIPNews for 81 days announced the start of Representative program. The details can be seen on the page:

FastPayForex customers can take the opportunity of a fascinating offer, the 1 to 50 % Bonus to every deposit. Every time you top up your trading account, you can increase your deposit by more than 4.5 times. The 1% Bonus by FastPayForex has no limits on the maximum and minimum amount and is credited to every deposit irrespective whether the deal was profitable or not.

SaveMoney, listed at HYIPNews for 59 days updates website design to make it more attractive and functional.

Bridgesky Assets has recently become a part of Top Choice section and also updated the website, introducing the new design to the customers and members of the project.

155ProfitAds completes one month online. The team and the members are excited and enjoy the growth of the project. Sometimes there can be issues with API Instant payouts. Even though there are any issues, the payments are processed manually.

FX Independent Team is close to three months online since the start started its work and began to accept deposits online. In the two last weeks the daily profit fell lower than 3% for several times only. The average daily profit in this period makes out 3.6% a day. According to the forecasts the profit will only rise in the future and will not fall lower than 3%. In the nearest days the deposit hold term is going to be reduced for the plans FX10, FX20 and FX30.

Due to current BitCoin malleability attack RoyalHash reports it's not able to to process withdrawals. As soon as BitCoin network will be back to normal, all withdrawals will be paid and deposits will be added automatically as claimed by the officials from RoyalHash.

Wallet+ Investment Management Inc achieved very great success in its first month. As reported, there are more than 670 clients and more than $101,000 funds invested The first round of "168% Profit After 25 Calendar Days" plan has expired. More than $46,000 funds were paid to the clients during the first month. The full set banners(gif and flash) are under designing and mass advertising campaign will be launched on next month.

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