Updated: 01/20/2016 14:55
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airspaceinv second newsletter
Airspace-Inv reports of the challenges taken during the first days online, phishing website appeared, Payza and Live Chat to be added
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Airspace-Inv reports of the challenges taken during the first days online, phishing website appeared, Payza and Live Chat to be added

The admin of the Airspace-Inv, listed for 15 days at has issued the second newsletter telling about the current progress shown by the company and some upcoming updates to the website and the project in general as it has been growing massively turning into one of the most popular hyip opportunities online.

Since the previous newsletter has been published the project gained more new members and money assets deposited into. By the time the newsletter was published there have been 1900+ members registered and the deposits increased to $30119779.58.

Despite the obvious success shown by the company, there were also some challenges the company had to face during the first days online: scammer cloned the genuine website and tried to use it as the source for getting easy money from naive customers. The address of the phishing website is Be careful, don't become a victim. Another reason for creating this phishing website is to blacken the reputation of the genuine program, which is why the admin of Airspace-Inv warns every visitor, the current or potential investor against using this website for security reasons.

Speaking of the positive news the project management made the total deposit and total withdrawals stats available and visible for everyone else to see. Also there have been some changes made to the corporate Facebook Group page as some important people were promoted to the rank of Group Admins. The address for the group is Don't miss it to stay in touch with the latest updates on the official group of Airspace-Inv.

Getting to future updates, it needs to be mentioned about the intention to start accepting Payza as the new alternative payment processor. The admin claims by the time the third newsletter is published, the Payza integration will be done. Also the live chat support will be added soon. The Live Chat will be available 24/7 hours a week. The main purpose for adding the Live Chat option is to help and support the investors in the fast way possible to solve nearly any issue that may arise online.

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