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latest hyip news digest april 11 2016
Learn of the deposit bonus at City Finance and Forex Paradise investment plan, CopperTradePro Payza issue, Nano-11 representative program, trading reports
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Learn of the deposit bonus at City Finance and Forex Paradise investment plan, CopperTradePro Payza issue, Nano-11 representative program, trading reports

See the latest news digest for the news from hyips online. For a start see the update from City Finance, the Hyip running for 5 days, the admin of which claims it's a very serious project and will be here for long. The admin offers investors an opportunity to earn extra profit getting one-time bonus 20% on every new deposit.

CopperTradePro informed its customers on April 6 that due to security check made by Payza upon the request of the program when a suspicious transaction was spotted the CopperTradePro Payza account was temporally locked. This means that all Payza withdrawals can not be processed due to this limitation. All the information was provided to Payza to unlock the account and some days later the notification came saying that Payza has restored access to their account and all Payza withdrawals were processed.

Nano-11, one of TOP Choice HYIPs issues the newsletter informing about the success of the representative program. The admin reports Nano-11 has representative virtual offices in 40 countries. Moreover during the last fortnight over 80 requests to become regional representative were received and hence some delay in posting representative contacts has occurred. Now all applications have been processed and from now on the information on new representatives will be posted within three days. Representative's responsibilities include publicity about the company and posting opinions and new information on the company's social media accounts. According to the latest update of Nano-11 Representatives page the number of representatives in Ghana has increased up to 10 persons, the Russian Federation now has 9 representatives while Nigeria has 11 persons. Italy, Latvia, Switzerland, Mexico, Estonia, Niger and other countries now also have representatives.

Two leading HYIPs currently listed at HYIPNews: Albion Union, taking the first place and InvestFond taking the second place at HYIPNews have posted the trading reports to its members. The admin of Albion Union reported this week the traders of the company reached the average profit factor of 19.73%. As usually Guest Access to Forex trading account is provided. InvestFond being one of the most stable hyips online reached the average profit factor of 4.8. The company's top priority to ensure the security and safety of the clients' funds.

Forex Paradise is happy to report that SUPERIOR 777.77 offer has become very popular. Unfortunately it already expired though there are some users who didn't manage to make their deposits in time. That's why Forex Paradise administration allocates 177 additional deposits for this limited offer. Moreover, every user who makes a deposit to SUPERIOR 777.77 plan will automatically get an instant 17% deposit bonus. Also the active deposit from CLASSIC 430 plan can be freely transferred to the SUPERIOR 777.77. This will not affect the profit that you have already received from that plan.

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