Updated: 11/23/2016 16:56
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See the latest update from TrueBit concerning the new functions added to the website such as Increasing Deposit and Partial Deposit Withdrawal
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See the latest update from TrueBit concerning the new functions added to the website such as Increasing Deposit and Partial Deposit Withdrawal

The website of TrueBit project has been unavailable for some time on November 23. The reason announced was adding some important functions to the personal member's account. As it turns out the changes and updates have been requested for a long time and now the following new functions have been applied for all the users: Increasing Deposit and Partial Withdrawal of Deposit.

The Increasing Deposit function means one does not have to create a new deposit every time one wants to increase the current one. Instead one is able to make additional investment to increase the deposit running. There is some restriction after increasing a deposit though, withdrawal is not available during five days after the deposit is increased. There is also some benefit: in case after increasing the deposit the entire amount is higher than the first stage your profit rate is getting increased in accordance with the terms.

Here are the basic rules for increasing the deposit:
- deposit replenishment is only available in the same payment system in which deposit made;
- after each replenishment your total deposited amount is not available for withdrawal for five days;
- affiliate commission is accrued only when deposit increased from the payment system, and will not be accrued if deposit made from the balance of the project;
- minimum increase amount - $10 (or 0.014 BTC).

The Partial Deposit Withdrawal function has also been requested by members for some time. Before it was only possible to close the deposit entirely. From now on you can withdraw a portion from the deposit and continue receiving accruals for the remainder invested amount. Once you click on "Withdraw deposit", you'll be on the page where it's possible to close the deposit or withdraw only some part of it.

The team of TrueBit is looking forward these innovations ill make investment process in the TrueBit project more convenient and most importantly profitable. Some video overview of the new functions will be added to the TrueBit website in the next couple of days. It will definitely help to understand all the new functions and answer any of your questions about the innovations in your personal account.

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