Updated: 07/03/2017 02:57
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latest hyip news digest july 03 2017
Read the digest, learn about the new language added and trading report at Control Finance, RussInv disables instant withdrawals, Ethdrade sets
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Read the digest, learn about the new language added and trading report at Control Finance, RussInv disables instant withdrawals, Ethdrade sets restrictions

Let me share some news from the hyips online. The number of latest updates is not significant and hence we are sorry for some lack of information, which is caused by the specific character of the time of the year. For a start there is a notification from Control Finance reminding of the Trading report posted on the official website, which covers the period from June 19, 2017, to June 25, 2017. You can have a look at it following the address: Also the website of the project has been translated in Polish. The website materials are available in Polish as well. As the admin says, cryptocurrencies are spreading geographically as more and more countries are legalizing the Bitcoin, so Control Finance follows the trend and gives easy access to information to as many customers as possible.

Another short update comes from RussInv hyip newly added to HyipNews, the admin of which informs of disabling temporally instant withdrawals due to large amount of hackers's attempts trying to access the website's withdrawal system. He also claims the instant withdrawals will be resumed once the developers fix the issue. To tell the truth i can hardly believe it can be truer and this looks just like another attempt to hold some time before closing the project.

Ethtrade congratulates all members on the beginning of the celebration of all local holidays & summer! At the start of the new month the admin of the Ethtrade shares future plans of the company during the summer season of 2017. Since the beginning of summer, the trading volume on the cryptocurrency exchanges has significantly decreased. At the same time, the number of new users of Ethtrade investment platform continues to grow rapidly. Today it is quite difficult to serve such a huge pool of investors so Ethtrade decides to focus on only 9 countries, thus narrowing its geography of customer service for a while. It is exactly in these countries the traders of the company will continue their work in summer - to conduct trading activities and show positive dynamics of the company

1. China
2. Republic of Korea
3. Philippines
4. Vietnam
5. Malaysia
6. India
7. Turkey
8. Pakistan
9. Taiwan

Because of local restrictions and slowing of the pace of trade, the decision to return the initial investment to customers from countries that are not in TOP 9 with accrued profit for the time of work of their portfolios has been taken. Once the cooperation with with customers from other countries is resumed, special notification will be released.

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