Updated: 05/17/2017 16:01
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coingate byu bitcoin feature
Find out the benefits of the new feature implemented at CoinGate, which allows direct Bitcoin purchase without the need for the signup and verification
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Find out the benefits of the new feature implemented at CoinGate, which allows direct Bitcoin purchase without the need for the signup and verification

The worldwide companies are now in constant search for the ways to make Bitcoin services as much more convenient as possible for the customers. CoinGate is not an exception. This company has implemented a new feature that lets anyone buy Bitcoin with a text message or a phone call to a premium number. This is definitely going to make the process easier for the majority of customers who are tired of complex verification process and the need for providing identity verification papers, which does not suit everyone at all.

From now on this may no longer be much of a problem for people looking to buy Bitcoin quickly. The new feature implemented at CoinGate is a perfect solution for people looking to buy between US$5 and US$100 worth of BTC. More importantly, they no longer have to go through a lengthy verification process, or even to sign up, which is great news.

The new service is made possible thanks to a partnership with DaoPay, an Austrian mobile billing service. Eventually cooperating with DaoPay can be a start, which would eventually lead to global partnership between Bitcoin payment processing companies and mobile service providers and finally make cryptocurrencies universally accessible to all mobile users.

It is evident there is a growing demand for convenient gateways to buy Bitcoin. While centralized exchanges will always remain popular, a service based on text messages and premium phone number calls will introduce millions of people to cryptocurrency in a frictionless manner. As a matter of fact, it appears a lot of people often search Google for such a service, yet there is no proper service yet that provides a universal mobile billing solution for purchasing Bitcoin. CoinGate is planning to fill this gap and rapidly expand their presence in this industry.

No one will object to a service that makes it easier for novice enthusiasts to buy Bitcoin for the first time. Clearly, submitting ID verification documents when trying to buy US$50 worth of Bitcoin is too much of a hassle. Using a Bitcoin ATM is an option, yet these machines are only found in very specific locations. CoinGate is definitely on the right track with this new service, and it will be interesting to see how popular it becomes in the coming months. Try out the feature yourself and become one of the first people to Buy Bitcoin with Mobile Credit.

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