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latest hyip news digest june 20 2017
New languages added at some websites, website design, Payment Proofs page at BitPalas, FexFund domain extension, new office and end of Top Promoter
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New languages added at some websites, website design, Payment Proofs page at BitPalas, FexFund domain extension, new office and end of Top Promoter Contest

Let me share the latest news from the hyips online today in the digest published at The TrafficHeap website, officially promoted and presented at HyipNews yesterday informed of adding the following languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Polish, German, Turkish, Hindi, Italian, Romanian, Japanese, Russian. While the languages are being added some content can be mixed with English. The admin of the website asks for some patience in that respect. If there are any errors or typos, the admin of the TrafficHeap asks customers to let them know to correct them.

ControlFinance has also reported the website is available in Chinese. Not just the website, all the promo materials are available in Chinese as well. Cryptocurrencies are spreading geographically as more and more countries are legalizing the Bitcoin. Following this trend ControlFinance tries to give every customer easy access to information.

BitPalas launched the online investment platform 1 week ago. Here are some news and improvements made to the website so far. The website design has been changed to accommodate users using mobile & tablet devices, so now you can easily surf by using your favorite device. Making deposits and withdrawals is as easy as on any PC! Also the new languages: Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Spanish and German have been integrated. You can choose your favorite language by clicking on the country flag at the top-left of every page. Customers are prompted to let the support know in case there's any error or typo located. The new "Payment Proofs" page has been added to the website.

BTChain announced the support of German language on the website. Also the admin informs, if you are a new client and you have not received the login informations yet, click the recovery link and enter the email used during the registration process to receive your credentials.

FexFund issues the weekly update and informs of the domain extension until 2027. The good news is delivered for the Brazilian members. There is a note about opening an office in Brazil, which is nearly done. Also next week FexFund expects to get their three miners to update the members with some pictures as well. Top Promoter Contest came to its end. And here are the prizes:
1. topinvest Deposits: $43415.75 Prize: $2000
2. investcoin Deposits: $25219.58 Prize: $1000
3. moneycat Deposits: $13765.23 Prize: $500

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