Updated: 08/17/2017 09:01
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laseronline massive update
Learn about the massive update of the Laser Online project, new payment options, new features added, website redesigned, Reward Check system to be applied
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Learn about the massive update of the Laser Online project, new payment options, new features added, website redesigned, Reward Check system to be applied

Massive update has come from the team of one of the most promising project Laser Online listed at HyipNews for 27 days. At he very beginning the admin is happy with the Bitcoin rise claiming it has positive effect on the potential earning from the crypto currency business. Being online a bit less than 50 days Laser Online hit 1 mln and a half mark of deposits made from nearly 5000 customers involved. $330K have been paid as withdrawals.

The project is constantly growing and developing, making improvements to the platform daily. The ideal is simple - to build a stable, reliable platform which helps you to generate serious returns and create passive capital anywhere in the world in order to accomplish your goals.

So, many useful key features from the 12 Months Plan have already been integrated successfully. First of all four new crypto currencies have been integrated and accepted for making deposits: Monero, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum. With constantly increasing cryptocurrency market capitalization many new alt coins are getting stronger. From now on Laser Online Platform is ready to accept deposits via private Monero/Dash and technologically advanced Ethereum/Litecoin cryptocurrencies.

With many requests to integrate more convenient investment features, 2 useful tools have been integrated as well: Auto-Reinvest and Automatic Payout Schedule. These two are suppose to make make your earning experience with Laser Online seamless making the platform stable as never before.

Auto-Reinvest feature allows you to automatically reinvest all the available balance back to 12% daily for 12 business days plan. Once set the Auto-Reinvest feature can be changed not more often than once per week. Once enabled you are not be able to withdraw your available balance cause it is automatically reinvested back to the active deposit.

The Payment Schedule feature is a convenient tool available for all Laser Online users. It provides an extra feature of setting up a particular day of the week, on which all the available balance of your personal account will be automatically sent at your e-wallets without a need to send a payout request manually or login your account. Active balance will be automatically transferred to your e-wallets at the selected day of the week without any need to make a manual withdrawal request or login your account.

Transactions Section is now available for all visitors. There you can see all the detailed statistics (deposits, withdrawals) and motivational leaderboards with real income of partners are displayed there as well.

The website has also been redesigned and upgraded. Homepage Footer section redesigned and completely reimagined. Many key informational points being added, a dynamic statistic of recently made blockchain deposits with a board of biggest shareholders at the platform displayed. Investment Page new section has been added as more information has been provided. New Get Started videos has been added for easy start and first steps of all your downlines.

Massive updates have been made to the Funds Management Area. So the new extensive security protocols have been applied when you log in your account. Live Deposits (Blockchain confirmed only) statistic is now displayed on your desktop. Handy post-withdrawal notification section has been added. Available Balance section has been added, now you can see how much your active deposit is at the moment. Timers and notifications have been improved as well.

At the end of the informative newsletter, Laser Online announces soon integration of the "Reward Check" system, the tool that can bring millions of dollars to all most active leaders around the globe. The principle of the new system is as follows. The Rewards List is divided into 3 major categories based on the specific requirements list in each. Using the system will let you monitor all possible Reward Checks (RC) at the moment with detailed obtaining terms respectively.

An authorized user can see his Profile Completion status (% completed based on his current team data). Once a particular user reaches a certain level of team deposits, he/she will instantly receive a reward (via Bitcoin) from an address listed in each every sub-category. Please note, there is a limited amount of Reward-Checks tokens for each category. Once an individual gets his RC, he will take away one token so it will no longer be available for other users to compete for. Only when there are no more tokens left to take, all the categories RC tokens will be renewed and Bitcoin addresses refilled with new budgets. The money aggregator system is yet to be presented in public, however it is definitely going to become popular among the partners of Laser Online.

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