Updated: 04/18/2018 10:23
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bitcolex reports success
Find out the details about the first days of Bitcolex working online, latest stats, first cycle completion, referral program details and primary goals
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Find out the details about the first days of Bitcolex working online, latest stats, first cycle completion, referral program details and primary goals

The Bitcolex has been launched 12 days ago. Upon completing the 10-day milestone, the admin of the program issued the newsletter sharing the successful results with the customers. As it's been reported the total amount of investments since the launch has crossed the mark of $160K. There have also been many reviews from the members, the number of which, by the time of publishing the news exceeds 1000 accounts. Many people invest in the Bitcolex company every day, as they prefer stability of everyday instant payments and a high return on investment. Today, the good news is that the first cycle of the Pack C - 10% Daily For 12 Days has been completed and the people who had invested in this pack are all in profits.

During the last week, the analysts of the project have been working hard for the best results. The company is growing good and stable now! The trades are carried out using both fundamental and technical analysis and this allows traders to accurately predict the development of different markets and price charts movement and receive a guaranteed profit.

At the same time highly secure and safe technologies in the financial business management field, stands the project out from all other programs in this industry, as the admin claims. The traders team is always busy to make highest profit on stock exchange and also in Crypto Currency.

Let us also remind you of some extra earning opportunity offered at Bitcolex, which allows getting up to 10% Extra income commission by joining your Friend and Family with your Referral link. For this purpose, active partners are encouraged to use many banners sizes to facilitate the promotion of the site. To access the banners one should click the "Banners" after logging in. Sharing the banners you can get a 3 level referral commission bonuses: 7% – 2% – 1%. It is absolutely legal to promote the website to your friends and also post payment proofs on social networks, forums, blogs and other resources.

The team of Bitcolex is grateful for the customers' loyalty and trust, being convinced it is just the beginning of the development of a large-scale investment platform, whose owners' vision is to develop along with the clients and make Bitcolex the finest investment company, with the main goal to build a great relationship with the customers by providing top quality services.

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