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latest hyip news digest april 24 2018
Latest news from the hyips below, Bitcolex domain extended, AK47 Capital Ethereum delays, IntelligentInvestment new cryptocurrencies added, Bitlandis
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Latest news from the hyips below, Bitcolex domain extended, AK47 Capital Ethereum delays, IntelligentInvestment new cryptocurrencies added, Bitlandis stats

More news from the hyips online are presented at your attention below. Bitcolex thanks for the support within the first days of the project work. The admin gladly informs of the domain extension for another 1 year and claims to bee focused on long-term cooperation and hard works done to maintain it. He also assures within 15 days of being online the project has become an extremely popular, successful and reliable investment website, which is actually hard to believe after such a short period of time. No matter what for now the Bitcolex investment projects is paying and offering stable returns and professional customer service.

The AK47 Capital is a project listed at HyipNews for 49 days. So far everything has been running smoothly. The project has been a part of Top Performers section in the regular information survey. New plans have been activated one by one. And still, the latest news from the admin was a bit of disappointment. As the admin claims because of a heavy load on Etherium network, payouts for Etherium deposits can be delayed. Hope it's not a permanent situation and it will be resolved soon.

IntelligentInvestment is having some good news for the customers. The project is expanding the investment opportunities in the crypto currency. In addition to Bitcoin (BTC), investments will also be available in Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dogecoin (DOGE) and Dash (DASH). Adding new investment options the admin of the project hopes to make IntelligentInvestment even more attractive for the customers. He also claims, the development and progress continues forward as IntelligentInvestment is aimed only at positivity and productivity of the cooperation process.

Bitlandis has been successfully online for 200 days, though listed at HyipNews for 33 days. The admin is proud with the fact there have never been any issues with missing payouts and 4 investors have achieved over $300,000 profit. During the past 200 days, over $5,000,000 fund have been collected from the investors, and put into the bitcoin trading system run by Bitlandis. Thanks to the upgoing cryptocurrency market and the professional trading team, the company has gained over $12,000,000 trading profit, which is indeed a great achievement both for the company and its investors.

At present, Bit Landis Limited has been becoming more and more popular, its Alexa is now 103,117. Due to multiple investors' requests, Advcash payment processor has been added. The admin is sure, nothing will prevent the Bitlandis from ongoing improvement of the system and the services provided. He assures, 200 days online is not an end but a new start for the company.

DDFutures, currently the TOP 1 hyip at HyipNews has two major updates for the customers. First of all there is a report about the launch of the Telegram channel - so now it is much easier to keep the track of events. Secondly, DDFutures started a Regional Representative program and hence the newsletter explains the responsibilities any Regional Representative should take:
- consulting clients on the services of the company;
- attracting new customers to the company;
- holding regional advertising campaigns.

In order to apply for the position of a Regional Representative one needs to be an active investors and contact the support with the following information:

Subject: An application for regional representative
- Your country;
- Your name;
- Your username in;
- Your public email;
- Languages;
- Your phone number;
- Your Telegram/Skype/WhatsApp/Viber etc.
- Your accounts in social networks.

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