Updated: 05/09/2019 15:18
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bitcoin above 6000
Bitcoin entering rising trend, going beyond $6000, despite negative news from Bitfinex, as the cryptocurrency capitalization grows
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Bitcoin entering rising trend, going beyond $6000, despite negative news from Bitfinex, as the cryptocurrency capitalization grows

Bitcoin (BTC) on Thursday, May 9, showed a new breakthrough, breaking the psychological threshold of $6000. Now the coin is still being traded in the green zone, its weighted average rate at the time of publication of this material has grown by almost 5% to $6042. According to forecasts of several analysts, a cryptocurrency can give a substantial profit if Bitcoin keeps the level above $6000.

Bitcoin's market capitalization is close to reaching $107 billion. BTC on some trading platforms punched a mark of $6000 back on Monday, May 7th. However, in the middle of the current week, information was received about the attack on the Binance crypto currency exchange, as a result of which hackers brought out more than 7,000 BTC coins. The attack on the largest platform increased the pressure on investors who decided to move to the wait-and-see tactics. As a result, Bitcoin fell by almost $200 to $5800.

Investing in cryptocurrencies or tokens is very risky, and the market is largely unregulated. Anyone who is considering this opportunity must be prepared to lose all of their investments. According to leading analysts, $6000 has been the key level for Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency in recent times shows a profit, despite the negative news.

Two weeks ago, the price of Bitcoin quickly recovered after bad news about Tether and Bitfinex appeared. But on Thursday night, optimism returned to the camp of traders who increased asset purchases after many representatives of the cryptosphere expressed readiness to support Binance in solving the problem of lack of funds. This factor, most likely, became decisive for the market, analysts are sure.

The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market has come close to $ 187 billion, and possibility of overcoming this milestone is high in the next few hours. Bitcoin dominance index has slightly increased and is now at the level of 57.3%.

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