Updated: 05/13/2019 13:11
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latest hyip news digest may 13 2019
Latest hyip news, Caribbean Dream 1 year online, Alpha Intelect future plans, Mizes promotional campaign, Lendera security tips against phishing websites
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Latest hyip news, Caribbean Dream 1 year online, Alpha Intelect future plans, Mizes promotional campaign, Lendera security tips against phishing websites

Check out the latest news from the hyips online. Alpha Intelect, listed at HyipNews for 14 days is a kind of a project, which continues to actively develop throughout the world. Investors and partners from different countries of the CIS, Europe and Asia join the participation. The administration is seriously set to work and plans to realize all the planned goals, which are planned to be introduced to members in future news releases.

Caribbean Dream, listed at HyipNews since May 7, 2018, has celebrated an important date one year since the creation of the holding and the investment component for its partners. On this occasion the launch of promotion for investors from Indonesia has been announced. Investors who have made at least one deposit in the Caribbean Dream ( or Caribbean Asia ( for at least $500 by the end of May can take part in it. The winners will be chosen according to the lottery principle – one deposit for $500 or more is equal to one lottery ticket. The more deposits you have the higher the chances of receiving prizes are. The promotion includes the following prizes: Dihatsu Xenia car, Honda Beat scooter, Samsung laptop and Samsung smartphones. The action is on until May 31. The prize draw will take place in Bali, in the office of the holding.

Mizes project is persistently bringing in decent profit to miners, which in 185 days could be up to 550%. At this weekend, the administration launched a new campaign "Half a Year with Mizes", thanks to which any user can profitably acquire the power for any algorithm with a 7% discount.

Lendera hyip investment program issued some tips to protect funds. The most important one is the danger of clicking e-mail links, sent from Slack or Telegram. Also there is a risk of Clicking Google Ads because of the common tactic to try to trick users into visiting false websites. Remember, the only valid link to the website is The official website is SSL verified and you can check the certificate in the browser. Look very closely at the URL before you send funds to any deposit address. Some websites try to create fake copies of Lendera to get funds deposited to these fake sites. Check the URL for misspellings, symbols or anything that looks suspicious. If URL is typed correctly in your web browser, it will read: HTTPS. HTTPS is used for protecting page authenticity & to keep web browsing private. Stay safe from the phishing and other fraudulent websites.

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