Updated: 06/17/2019 12:53
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Cowly Farm stats, security updates, marketing promotion, Weenzee expands to South Africa, Crystal Investment completes 1 month, El-Terro webinar announced
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Cowly Farm stats, security updates, marketing promotion, Weenzee expands to South Africa, Crystal Investment completes 1 month, El-Terro webinar announced

Check out the latest updates from the hyip investment programs online. Cowly Farm after being launched on June 6, 2019, managed to reach 1600+ members. The pool already counts more than $57,000 gathered from all members worldwide. $9,700 have been paid out in profit. To benefit the members and potential partners the team of the project has developed marketing materials, which may serve as an additional means of promotions that will help Cowly Farm. The project is also growing in social networks. The official Telegram group has been growing at an steady rate with 300 members by the time of publishing the update. Other social media accounts will be opened in the coming days to provide additional platform to post the news and updates from the project. Another important update is important from the security point of view. Due to instant payment system in action for Cowly Farm, the changing of email address and payment processor accounts in your profile has been disabled. All account related updates can only be done via LiveChat Support. A strict verification will be done to ensure only the legitimate owner can have changes on his/her account.

Weenzee project conquers new countries and continues to expand its presence on the African continent. So on June 22, 2019, the first meeting of the project partners will be held in South Africa at Margate Hotel, Lot 3139, Marine Drive. At this event participants will learn about the basics of the project and about the success of the Weenzee hyip investment project in the international market.

Crystal Investment celebrates 1 month online. To mark the completion of this milestone the project has given out 10% of any funds invested within 72 hours since June 14. Congratulations to all members, who have been with the project since its start.

The El-Terro hyip investment project offers a reasonable and balanced approach towards investments, giving 2 goals to achieve at the same time: to get income and to contribute to the improvement of ecology on the planet. To know the details on how to achieve with that the team of the project invites everyone to the webinar, at the end of which it will be clear how to invest, how the El-Terro project may help its customers to increase profits, which investment option is most suitable for every single investor. The webinar is to be held on June 18, 2019. Follow the official Telegram channel for the exact time of the webinar.

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