Updated: 12/04/2021 03:56
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bitcoin crashed to 42k altcoins see double digit slumps
Massive double-digit price drops are seen across all charts with bitcoin dumping to a two-month low at $42000Bitcoin went through one of its worst crashes
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Massive double-digit price drops are seen across all charts with bitcoin dumping to a two-month low at $42,000.
Bitcoin went through one of its worst crashes as it dumped by $16,000 in a matter of hours to a two-month low of $42,000. Most altcoins are deep in red with double-digit price losses, and the market cap went down by $600 billion at one point.

Bitcoin Dumps to $42K

A lot can change in the cryptocurrency market in a day. Just until 24 hours ago, the most bearish case that was made for bitcoin was that it couldn’t breach $59,000 decisively, despite the three attempts in a week.

However, as the asset was preparing for another leg up towards that particular line, the bears came to play big time. The primary cryptocurrency started dumping in value hard. Firstly, it plummeted to $51,000, which was an $8,000 daily price drop, but that was not the worst.

Hours later, BTC found itself dipping to $42,000 (on Bitstamp), which became the lowest price point since late September.

After this massive $16,000 crash in a day, BTC has reclaimed some ground, but it’s still 17% down on the day as it sits around $47,000.

 Its market capitalization, which was near $1.1 trillion yesterday, is now down to well below $900 billion.
Somewhat expectedly, the 24-hour liquidations have skyrocketed to $2.5 billion following this enhanced volatility, with 400,000 traders liquidated.

Altcoins See Nothing but Red

As it typically happens when BTC dumps hard, so do the altcoins. Ethereum, for example, went from a daily high of $4,670 all the way down to $3,500. After this massive dump, ETH has now stalled below $3,900 and is 15% down on the day.

The situation with the rest of the alts is similar, if not worse, as double-digit price drops are evident left and right.

Some of the examples include Binance Coin (-13%), Solana (-18%), Cardano (-20%), Ripple (-26%), Polkadot (-25%), Avalanche (-15%), Terra (-20%), Dogecoin (-25%), and Shiba Inu (-15%).

With almost all lower- and mid-cap alts also in such an adverse state, the cumulative market cap of all assets dumped from above $2.6 trillion to just over $2 trillion on CoinMarketCap. As of now, it’s around $2.2 trillion, which still means a $400 billion decline in a day.

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