Superstitions and Intuition in the Life of Investor

Updated: 04/07/2005 16:17
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Today it's the 13th issue of ours. Don't You scare? Though You should. Maybe there's something ominous about that? That's for sure. Though if You think like that, You are definitely referred to the utmost type of investors, those namely, being superstitious.

The superstition phenomenon in the investment life can be examined from two points of view. From emotional one and rational one. The rational point of view – is very boring and tiresome. Philosophic, scientific one. Investigating the place of a totem in the life of investor can take lots of pages in fat books, though all in vain. But, let's be quiet, acting human-like. Emotionally!

Whatever can be said, I mean the MIND – it's the first status of investor. Starting work, investor activates his brain and uses it fully, until he finds the answer to the question: "WHERE SHOUL I INVEST?" Although, not of least importance is the question: "WHERE TO TAKE FROM?", but it doesn't change the fact of the matter, it's all the same, You have to work with Your brains. Bad things happen because many investors turn off their brain and behave irrationally. Judge for yourself.

Thousands of times we said that it's dangerous to deal with the programs, located on the free costing. It's simply dangerous. If You wish to make a proper use of Your money, You'd better give it to some charitable organization. We'll give You the phone number. And what would You think? Day by day we come across the messages from investors, caught somewhere on ***… Will You tell me – where are the brains of these investors? No spell will help.

INTUITION, the word that definitely should be written from the capital letter. Very often investor says, if he hasn't made a mistake: "My intuition didn't let me down…" What is the head for in such a way? Here the everlasting dispute starts, what is more important: feelings, based on the experience, or knowledge, obtained in the process of getting experience. It always happens. Sometimes it can be even worse – basing on the false experience You can get wrong knowledge, resulting in… failure. Well then, we are very sorry.

Now let's talk about SUPERSTITION. Starting the article with the question about superstition, we have slightly provoked You. You know, as a matter of fact, it's hard to imagine a superstitious investor. At the least, if You cover You working place with shaman accessories, it will be hard to work! What about – holy water? The safety measures warn to use water close to electric apparatus!

I'm not even speaking about the safety measures. Common sense prevents us from locating the monitor in the bathroom! Though methods like that – are the sequences, saying that human beings are afraid of what is impossible to understand. Luck, for example, is impossible to understand. Human beings don't rule the chance. So, he is trying to influence with all the means possible. Why not to look into what it's all about?

The investment world shouldn't be superstitious, the mind rules in the investment world. To be exact it should rule. But on some reasons it doesn't happen as often as we want it to happen. There are some offers to invest money that scare away with the only wording. Do we need to speak of those crazy people, making them? Roughly speaking. You just imagine a hairy, unshaven old man knocking at Your door, saying: listen friend, You put Your money in my hand, receive two twice more.

I work on the FOREX market. I earn lots of money annually and can share with You, I just need funds to go up. Will You give money to such a man? What intuition are we talking about. Don't You see it with Your own eyes? It isn't absolutely supernaturally, it's common. This man is a hobo! Why do people who see the site, located on a free hosting, with the script stolen (mot likely), easily give large money and don't worry about the fact that they actually give their money to the same hobo. Amazing, isn't it?

Can it be that the super nature, the superstition of the investment world is that, it is afraid of everything that can't be explained with the help of mind? It just acts inversely to logic. When the money should be kept and one should as far as possible, people invest money, hoping that here are the saviors, who will enrich them.

Yes, indeed. Otherwise, how can programs, obviously losing everyone, benefit? And they multiply and definitely they earn some money. Here is the moral that can drawn from the today's article of ours. No supernatural on this planet! Just simple rules. Bad site – the same hobo, who can't even earn to dress himself. Bad attitude also means something… we don't trust!

So, off the superstition! :) However, You should believe in miracles…

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