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Updated: 08/21/2005 19:29
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The first question of the interview of our odd issues is invariably the question: "introduce yourself". But today we have a special guest, and it's hard to ask him such a question. We wouldn't like to make some sorts of mystery of al that. Most likely lots of open interviews are going to be published behind a mask of "incognito" - we all know that investment world is not so quiet as we may want.

Here we comply with the request of our interlocutor, who hasn't agreed for the communication and we just can't open the secrets to you. Even without that we are sure his wide experience, knowledge and wisdom, as well as long way to success can become worthy assistants in your activity, even without a famous name will certainly be known to each of you. Moreover, without it the advices and lessons he shares will become known without any pressure of his authority.

Hello! We are very glad that you agreed fro the interview, taking into account all the difficulties that accompany this. :) Your life today is concentrated around HYIP. When did you start living like that?

- Actually, HYIP is not the only thing I'm living for. I also make other investments, sometimes the program admin turn to me as a trader. Of course all this is online, though HYIP is far from the centre.

What is HYIP for you?

- HYIP for me is not more than opportunity to earn money. Though sometimes, it looks more than a sport betting - you never know when you win and when you lose. Though you can be sure instead- if you win, it'll be an excellent win.

Please tell us, how long have you been working with HYIP, what is the attitude of your family and your friends to it?

- How can they think of it? It's a usual job. Just sitting at PC, not going out. Of course sometimes I have to sit up late, though it's even better, my wife doesn't think that I do something obscene in the office, on the conference. :)

What do you do in your spare time? What is the life of a confirmed investor? Many readers of ours live in investments as well and we know that, maybe there's something native for them in your image?

- Of course. The thing that makes us similar is investments. And I'm not some kind of a special investor. I just make investment long time ago in a professional way and... all the time. As for my leisure... well I have my own habits. For instance I like to sleep, so I work more in the second part of the day. I try not to work on week-ends. I have a family, and family needs constant attention. Moreover I love it so much, and it really gives much pleasure to me. That's what I worked for and studied a lot early in life.

Do you have economic education? Is there any experience of working in the financial institutions, business organizations or things like that?

- No, I have technical education. :) I am a programmer. Particularly this led me to computers. Later on - to the Internet. And afterwards, I start to be interested in investments, and as soon as there appeared online opportunities I started to work with them. Maybe if my life had been different and started from the very beginning, I would have tried my luck in the economical sphere, though now the knowledge and experience, achieved in my own way is enough for me.

Well, let's go back to HYIP and your experience. How long have you been working on the market as a whole? What was your way of success? What stage are you in now?

- I have been investing to HYIP for nearly 4 years. Of course in the very start of such programs, it was hard to call this process "investment". Then it was all about whether we are lucky or not. Now everything is much better of course for those, willing to earn. But at the same time, the role of experience is getting stronger, experience, which is getting much less, taking into account the "newbies'" number.

As for my growth, in the very beginning I was losing a lot. Now I can say I manage to earn about 50% from the bank on average. Of course sometimes I lose money, but success is not for the lazy bones. That's why I've invested to more than 1000 HYIP for all my life. The number is not an indicator, I could have invested into much more programs, so I'm sure, investing to a pretty large number of program I achieved high quality. :)

Now, let's proceed to the most interesting part - your experience. So, please, tell, how do you invest.

- Indeed, HOW - is the key question, cause I think the most important for me is a clear strategy and investment methods. Only if you stick to it, you can achieve success. First of all I developed a strategy and I stick to it up to now. It wasn't as good as today at first, though now everything is fine. And I haven't changed much within all this time.

Of course you may ask to share my strategy, but it would take too much space, since my strategy is not just describing separate actions or programs I invest into. I strongly recommend everyone to think over what you are doing and follow the way chosen steadily. Only in such a way you will earn money both reasoning from the theory of probability and other conditions.

Still, where do you invest? You know for sure where it's better to invest now; your experience is so large?

- There's hardly any universal rule here. You should take a decision for every one individually. But I will tell you my preferences. I choose programs, paying daily, combining them with monthly paying ones. The interests are not so high of course, due to the fact that high interests -always means high risk. The "low limit" is 1% for me; I don't think it makes sense to risk with virtual programs if it's less. On average I have about 3% monthly. The list of programs I invest is about 10 (on average).

And of course I invest the amounts close to minimum, offered now by an average statistical program. I make investments from 200$. But, if there happen programs not looking trustworthy or extremely high yield I certainly invest smaller amounts. I don't think it makes sense to invest small amounts of money. To be exact there is sense, but it won't bring you some serious income, and I would recommend you to make a large bank and work with it, after you say good-bye to the newbie status.

Are you often scammed? And actually what should investors strive for here? The point is that scams are the most dangerous thing in the HYIP world. The risk degree is too high.

- You know what, in our life everything that is risky is dangerous. You possibly understand that at the same time every clever investor should take this into consideration and make calculations. Roughly speaking, there's no place to losing in a good strategy, despite any losses. I'm sure that my strategy includes it, so in most of the cases I don't lose in the upshot.

So I must admit - I am scammed quite often. I think that just like the rest, but I'm "insured". So, everyone should be insured. That's why every investor should strive for having all his losses covered with some return. Roughly speaking, if you are scammed in 40%, let the returns be 60%, even if it's 50/50, the interests from your returns should be higher, than minimum ones spent to losses.

And one more thing, never leave the money on the programs' accounts, as soon as it is possible take it - best of all is right after the payouts are completed. So you will have the chance to control the payouts, and you won't lose your money, if your program escapes.

Do you often use forums? Where do you take your programs?

- Yes I talk on forums all the time. I post a lot and receive much information. You understand - referrals are rather serious income source and every newbie should realize that. Now lots of people know me and it also helps to gain profit. To tell the truth it's dangerous to abuse it, cause you may easily lose all your referrals and hence opportunities. But forums are real blessing.

People communicate easily here; they talk much and say useful things. But, they can also be used with the selfish ends but when you spend so much time here, you start to realize what is what. That's why one just needs to be on the guard. Where do I take programs? Frankly speaking - more often the catalogues.

But catalogues is not a very high-quality source. Besides, not all the programs appear there right away. To tell the truth, now I often know of the program launch before it starts, but on the first stages these are catalogues, nothing but catalogues. I don't want to name something, though most of them can now be used only as the way of getting programs unfortunately, and it's not the way of getting HONEST programs.

They are simply not working with them. They add them to their catalogue, nothing more. After that we have DDOS and things like that. I don't invest to programs I find in the catalogue, I just take them in order to make further analysis. I recommend you to do the same. By the way, I'd like to say a couple of words about your catalogue. I will be open - it became popular quite recently.

And it started to work in an active way recently as well. Now you guys are noted for the quality, but the most difficult is to hold this quality. Because it's the constant work with every program, without hunting for the high income. If you manage to uphold your reputation - great future is waiting for you.

Because many catalogues started like that as well. Well not like that actually the times were not the same - there was the demand on everything, though nevertheless, they were absolutely different from what they are now. Now everyone is saying bad things about them and it's fairly... but I won't resort to demagogy. You don't just have to rely upon them like after the old way. Think yourself, and you will achieve success.

Nevertheless, what is the main advice, you can give the newbies?

- Dear friends, there's no any universal advice. Except the one maybe, known to everyone: don't invest more than you may afford to lose. Let's say it like that: divide your career into several stages. Work out the strategy. You are the newbie on the first stage. Take some amount and spend it. Even if it looks silly, never mind, the main is to learn lessons. Test different catalogues, read the materials and forums. And then, think of it as the professional business. :) Always make calculations and note the following step. Keep the books, analyze.

What is the future of HYIP for you? What will it be?

- Hem! The second part of the question is obviously provocative. :) What will it be... it will be like the people will make it to be. Nothing happens in itself. In future I see everything much better than it is now. In what way better? The programs will be more high quality - there will be less of scams. I hope there will be more resources as yours, so that investors could become more competent.

As for the rest, I think that assumption is not quite a noble thing. And making forecasts is rather hard. The wind may change not just because of the person's will, there are also subjective circumstances for that, though the future will be positive in general. I hope, I do believe. :)

We can't take so much time of yours during the first interview. Please tell us in the end what would you wish our readers?

- Luck of course. :) What else can I wish investors? And one more thing - always look for the things going on, be attentive and prudent. And of course, be hardworking. You won't earn in HYIP, not working hard, just like everywhere in the world. So, don't hope for the exceptions, you'd better take control of your destiny.

Thanks a lot for such an interesting and extremely useful interview. Good luck and happiness to your family and good luck in your business.

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