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Updated: 02/18/2006 02:59
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The news that appear on the sites of the programs are essential part of their reality, and at the same time, a source of valuable information, that, unfortunately, is not so precious. What degree of attention is to be paid to this info, how to treat the information published there and what is the use to be taken from the news is described in this article. So - let's go to the news!

At first, we are forced to confess that many programs existing in HYIP now just do not pay attention to this important tool of mass media, and make investors suffer. At the same moment, carefully study the sites of the programs seeking for any information about the events of their lives. It's a pity.

The opposite site is contrary situation, when it appears that the news published on the site is nothing more than a fiction, aimed at cheating investors and confusing them. So, we want that you, investors, avoid bad situations, without mentioning it, when the administration of the program manages to enforce its opinion.

This is done as usual – casually and banally – they just report the facts that are not true. For instance, the messages about achieving a definite sum of deposits, about the problems that don't actually exist, etc are popular. These messages than are multiplied in other resources, creating a common background that looks real, being unreal in its essence.

From the other side, there is a range of the issues, that cannot be regarded other than the report about real status quo, appearing in the news lines, so these messages are to be regarded as relevant by the investors.

Delivering a competition (referral) or announcement about some new plan refer to such facts. In general, the information that is real by all means. In this case the news line is the best source of information. And this can't be argued.

However, even in this case each investor of this program should be on the look-out, waiting to be cheated. Why? Just because the news line serves for the program's admins – this is nothing more than just one more tool of cheating, and just careful attention and sobriety will help you to avoid confuse.

Doing it is not complex, taking into account the facts that were mentioned earlier. Surely, this is not the secret that just appearance of the news in this line is a good sign. It means that administration at least pays attention to its child – it still and all cares that the investor be involved into the process.

Besides, program's administration, understanding it, often makes one unpleasant thing – it tries to use its news line as a chat, dropping some brief messages about this or that, the messages that are not worth attention, but are designed just to update this news line.

These programs are recognizable, and it is evident that they are occupied with mere words, rather than real work, and the aim of these mere words is attracting investors. Often the news of such programs go far beyond the limits of its existence. This happens when the program is going to be short in terms of its existence. But what can the program existing for three days write about? Of course, nothing. This is how such incidents appear.

What if the program treats the news line seriously and you see that this is a serious program ? so you can find much useful and relevant in this information. The news line is the line of the history, which reflects all the information about the development and everyday life of the program, so you can carry out the thing that is called a technical analysis by the traders and make a right conclusion.

So, dear readers, don't avoid news lines, study them, analyze them and make useful conclusions. But be careful.

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