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Updated: 03/01/2006 10:32
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Many of you, dear readers, faced with these guys or heard of them. All of them act according to the same scheme, and their work lies in - it's unclear what it lies in, but sometimes they undeservedly gain the laurels of noble knights, which, we suppose, is groundless. Many investors probably do not understand the essence of "SCAM busters" mission, maybe these fighters do not understand it as well, and that's why everything isn't ok all the time.

It's not ok because these busters or fighters, I don't know how to call them, don't see that their actions, even right by their ideological background, are inspired by wrong viewpoints. As the result, we get wrong results. :) Didn't I mix you up?

Follow the thought.
What do we consider to be a scam? Scam is something that cheated us, promising one thing, but doing another. Just stealing your money. I.e. it promises that it will pay definite interests, describes how it will do it, but at the end escapes, closing the program (sometimes for some reason).

In addition to many problems that legally try to earn the interests and ARE DOING it for a long time, some programs use the pyramid to return the money. But nothing is done for earning and attracting. All this is an alphabet for the newbie, don't make me repeat it. :)

There are many such programs, and despite many people are indignant with this, these people earn with the help of these very programs. Like a perpetual merry-go-round. This is the real life. But the article is not about it. It's hard to say what a real correlation of honest and dishonest programs is. And it has always been hard and it will always be hard to do.

Because it's unclear, how it's possible to call the program "scam", if it hasn't escaped yet, and it's unclear how it's possible to ascertain that it's scam if it HAS A RIGHT to hide information about it, and not convince everyone that they are honest - you may not do it if you don't want.

He may perceive it or not. At one hand, not pay attention, on the other had, run from the program. In the first case, the purpose desired by the scam busters won't be achieved. In the second case, in the second case investor either will be glad to run from the program in time or will watch how investors receive the profit while he is just observing it!

Sooner he will observe how the others are making money. Why am I so sure? Because we should accept market conditions and understand the regulations of the work at the market. The regulations were described above, and they cannot be canceled. As usual, most programs will be scam, and everywhere you point to you will receive a heap of scam, fake addresses, phone numbers, registrations, documents, everything.

What do you want to get pointing to the first comer, and saying he is a scammer and trying to prove it? Yes, someone will come and listen to your advice. Will he avoid scam? Probably, not, because he will invest in another scam that looks better. But this will be the same scam. So, did you do good for the investor? Hardly. Better tell him - "don't invest in HYIP!" Then he will keep his money safe.

If you want to protect hi, you should teach him. There was a site, now it doesn't work. And it was probably closed by investors. Why? Because we live in the world of pyramids, a game with the rules, and violating these rules you break the work of the system, the system which allows many people to gain profit and get richer. And this is the main lack of such busters. They don't understand that what they call SCAM is something that brings profit to skillful investors. And these are market rules, that we are discussing since the beginning.

Of course, these are not honest rules, and this space should be cleared. But the subject of this article is as follows: "IS IT REALLY SO"? Does it need to be more clear and better? Is it necessary to push the first comer and prove him that he is telling lies if he's happy? All these constructions have their fragility which is vulnerable.

How different are the methods of ? How rude and clumsy is the work of GoldPolice? Theory and practice are different. There are independent traders, or those who bet on sport event, that cannot purchase their own script, or develop a site, find cool developers etc. Why call them scammers? Things happen. And the scam busters, whom we blame, do this thing.

On the other side, there are many investors that do the same in the same way without realizing it. Thus, they harm themselves. But they may not be investors - for instance, I mean those investors that attack all programs on the forums. They stay opposite to those investors who defend all the programs, and attack as if other investors don't see that that don't invest in transnational Forex-group!

Of course, we don't want to say that these actions are unreasonable. Scam is to be fought with, and it should be resisted. But it's necessary to distinguish between crusade - slaughter, where both strangers and own people suffer, and sensible operation of tumor extraction. Our own policy presupposes careful bringing the investors up to encourage the analysis ability and ability to synthesize - to remove harmful material.

Independently, but not after indication, which looks like a retributive sword over the heads of all people around. We are sure that this is wrong tactics, developed by non-professional players. Profit at this market is on the edge, because the subject is a high profit. Here one needs to be extremely experienced surfer, slipping on the waves, but not a ram, disturbing a smooth surface!

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