Black December. How to Stay on the Safe Side?

Updated: 12/01/2014 16:17
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Learn about the Black December. Find out the main reasons of this period to be one of the most risky for investors. Learn about the measures taken by HYIP admins to keep on earning during Christmas holidays. Apart from that see the main reasons why investors try to take the cash out of HYIPs before Christmas. The important part of the article below gives basis tips on how to protect oneself from financial losses during the Black December.

Seasonality is not the least factor in the hyip industry performance. Just three months have passed after the summer slow-down and the hyip industry is back in decline. As the winter comes, the industry is slowing down waiting for the March recession.

The first month of the winter started and the HYIP industry is entering the most dangerous period of the year, when lots of programs get scammed and closed down due to bad performance and low activity of the online investors during this period. The period is called "Black December".

One thing is for sure, as winter comes stop thinking of large deposits, moreover, if possible try to take all your money out of active HYIPs for your safety. So why do many professionals and HYIP experts strongly recommend to stay away from investing during the first month of winter, called "Black December"? Here in the article below, we shall try to investigate the issue and answer this actual question.

So What is "Black December"

As i have al ready mentioned in the very beginning, during the entire month of December most programs launched turn into scams more often and faster than during any other period of the year. Apart from that, lots of time very many "proven" and old programs can't stand the pressure of the pre-Christmas period and close down as well. The "Black December" has different starting points though. Sometimes the troubles begin early in November and sometimes, close to Christmas. It depends on the industry status and overall market economical situation.

The main thing about the "Black December" to take place is to know actual reasons for the programs to start going down. There are several reasons for that and here below we shall talk about the three main ones:

Need for Easy Money.

For many HYIP admins December is the ideal time to earn money. What can be easier - to open a "cheap" program, or even several, make them look as "fast-profit" HYIPs and launch online starting to earn pure profit since the very first day of its existence. This type of admins do not need much. Once the amount is a little bit more than a couple of thousands of dollars, they close the site and go for good. Pre-Christmas period gives more chances for the US customers to spend some money hoping for a good return before holidays. Consumer attitude of the customers is their worst eney during this period and hyip admins make use of it, some better, some not.

Need for Real Cash.

Another reason is investors who are in a desperate need for real money to buy presents, to get ready for the Christmas journey etc. More likely due to to the raising need to cover Christmas expenses investors start to withdraw all funds from HYIP funds. They disable compounding option, they take the principals back where it's possible. It's hard to keep a HYIP running under these circumstances. Any Ponzi scheme is based on constant funds inflows and during the "Black December" the rate of funds withdrawn is much more than the one deposited. The outcome is clear: Ponzi scheme collapses and turns into Scam!

Lack of Investments.

The third reason is lack of deposits generally. Until a HYIP gets new deposits on a daily basis it is able to pay out withdrawals on time. In case any of these two components vanishes, it leads to the total collapse. The admin knows of that in advance and naturally he starts to save his "hard-earned" money at the sake of missing payouts and then disables them at all. As the way-out, " short-lived things" is the best solution for the HYIP admins to survive through this dangerous period. In the second case, investors more often lose anyway.

How To Protect Against Black December?

There are several ways to protect oneself during "Black December". The easiest and the safest way to protect oneself from losses is to stop any HYIOP activity at all if possible until the Christmas period is over. It is strongly recommended not to make any new deposits till the new year comes. In addition, try to withdraw all your funds locked in HYIPs running.

Though the first option is the best and the safest one, it is not always possible to stay out from HYIPs. In that case try to limit the activity to the utmost. Ignore any new HYIPs launched during the last month of the year. Try the proven and most recommended ones with decent deposits. Forget about large investments at least for now. It still can be dangerous, however you risk not that much. Remember, during the "Black December" HYIP admins are in need for money more than ever and they will make use of every spent you deposit and try not to let you withdraw a single cent from the HYIP running.

All in all, taking into account all aspects and things mentioned above there is a feeling "Black December" is pure evil! Well to some extent it really is! However, there is a good point about all that. It's like "survival of the fittest". All the scams close down and those who survive through the Black December are later on awarded with lots of trust points from the HYIP investors. The strongest HYIPs survive and "cheap" scam sites close down for good! In any case, it'll be extremely interesting to see how the programs, which are currently on TOP at HYIPNews can survive through the "Black December". As for you, dear investors, try to follow the advices given above and sat y on the safe side during this pre-Christmas season!

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