The Morals of HYIP Investment

Updated: 01/24/2007 20:25
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I would like to write the article with the subject that is very important to the HYIP investors. Undoubtedly, the morals have a meaningful role in HYIP investment because the percentages in the majority HYIP funds are paid due to the new depositors. But bang - at once all depositors are swindled and the percentages that were paid you were due to the loss of others. The main question of this article is how it is possible to invest to the HYIP projects without having guilt on your conscience?

My good friend earned sufficiently on the pyramids for a long time. This was very simple for him. He looked for the appearance of a new project, invested the sum of $400-500 there and one month later he took his money out with the percentages if the project did not demonstrate special symptoms of the fast decease he allowed to work his percentages further. So it was always possible to earn on it.

But at one excellent day he was the witness of the incident, namely, one worker in his familiar's office having unexpectedly founded the concept of high yield investment programs in the Internet did not get enough information and made the investment of $5000 to the web trade invest project. The most ridiculous thing was that my good friend obtained not bad money from the same project. As a result my friend won only because his familiar lost.

It is possible to talk much that the worker was stupid and investing was not for him but the fact is that who wins by scams makes this gain only due to other depositors who lose their money. Moreover, my good friend did not lose a great deal of money because the only fact helped him that the e-currency system had blocked his account at the very beginning of his investment activity (it was an error but the fact is that the his money were frozen for more than a month and he had time to think about business).

We can say every minute that we earn money but in particular we know perfectly well that we help to rob the duffers who made an investment so unsuccessfully. Our profit is built on their losses and this is incorrect at least. Of course, all depositors must check risk, consider all pros and cons but little people do this. And the truth is if I win this is possible only due to the loss of another one.

There is no doubt that it is necessary to earn the good money only being in the harmonious state of mind. But the question is how we can reach this? How is it possible to earn money without a qualm of conscience? There is a wonderful possibility to change our investment tactics completely. Certainly the change of investment tactics contraries with many usual tactics recommended many HYIP investment experts. Some "positions" of this tactics conflict with the conventional standards of HYIP investment.

The main rule is not to earn by the pyramids, and invest into the funds which actually work. Such funds exist really and all you need is find them. First, it is necessary to understand what percentages are actually possible.

The investors' general experience of business conducting, contact with the financial markets, stock and commodity exchanges, the game in the casino etc. shows the following profit levels: the business with all taxes has annual 50-60% on the average, the Forex has actual 150-200% per year with large risk and completely real 100% per year without special risk, the casino has about 1000% per month from small deposits, further the profit percentage decreases proportional to an increase of the deposit.

If someone promises more forget it. You will not need depositors if you know the method to earn 100% per month from the invested money, will you? Do you need investors if after investing $1000 you will obtain a million in 10 months? The following condition which conflicts with all councils is that the project must exist some time. The best project would exist for at least more than one year because this period eliminates most scams.

The best thing is if you choose a project you should invest as little as possible to it. Certainly, it is always more visible inside if the project is real or not. Hold your smallest investment some time (because real projects are usually shut for the other depositors after some time, and if this happened the smallest investment will allow you to work with them on the large), to study all statements (for example, if this is the trade on the exchange show the states to the expert who is able to determine the level of the trader and only then make conclusions. If this is not a stock exchange game, require audit reports).

You should remember that the people who really make this business will always give you the comprehensive information of their activity. If you note any concealments run away. In any case the project must work enough long time.

The following condition conflicting with the conventional postulate to diversify maximally is not to diversify. It is advisable to be concentrated on several projects. Though, it is not necessary to invest to dozens of funds. It is better to invest to 5 or 6 HYIP projects. Another important factor is the reputation of organizer. The person with excellent reputation is a person with excellent reputation. It is important that the organizer is intelligent and honest.

The article tells about honest ways of HYIP investments and possibilities to earn good money. From the very beginning it could be difficult because it costs a lot of time, nerves and money but it is really possible to get high commission from HYIP projects. The most important thing is that you can enjoy your financial independence without any shame and with good conscience.

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