How will Your Money be Returned?

Updated: 05/22/2006 08:21
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Investment activity is quite accurately scheduled, thought out and balanced system, in which each of the programs represents a set of terms for you to agree or not. That's why we suppose that on case you are aware of the elements of this system; you will grasp investment wisdom and reach a level enough to receive the profit. :) Today we will address to such HYIP system element as money return. All newbie amateurs should pay attention to it, professionals may just review it.

You invest your money and receive the interests back. But your principal funds are your money. Brokers use this money to repay your losses, so if you lose, your money disappear. But there you may stop the process with the help of auto stops. And the matter is quite different in case with the programs we deal with.

You have three alternatives. The first and the most widespread alternative is returning your money with the interests. The second alternative is when you may get your money back when the payment period is over. The third alternative offers you to purchase some values, and it is worth to be observed in details. Your money may not get back to you. :)

Let's start with the most widespread variant, where you receive your money with the interests. A program pays interests using your money in its operations (Forex, Stocks, energy etc). The process is as follows. You create a deposit with a minimal sum, allowed by this program, and it is less than a maximal sum allowed, and you receive interests that should comprise more than 100%.

For instance, you get 10% within 11 days, or 2% within 100 days. Thus, a part of this money will belong to you, and it will be returned to you with the payouts (included – as it is stated in program terms).

This is a very convenient way of paying interests for the administrator, because investor becomes dependant of payouts and time terms, and he cannot somehow influence it. That's why it is the most popular way. When you don't know if you pay tomorrow or not, it would be hastily to provide investors with the opportunity to withdraw. So, admins don't give such opportunity, paying a fixed interest, including our principles.

The major problem is as follows: of the program is paying within 100 days, you campy be sure that you will receive your profit (which happens when you receive 100% of your funds and at least 0.1%). The program may disappear on the 49th day, and you will anyway leave a part of your funds to these guys, receiving 2% daily, no matter you will receive your $98 back which is not so painful as loss of all your money). You should recognize it and understand that you run risks, and deal with the most dangerous folks, who aim at making themselves totally safe and secure, inventing various idiot terms

Alternative variant to the one described above is when you may get you're your principals. However, if they allow withdrawing at any time, it will be a mess. The program which uses your money on some purpose, also has agreements with, say, broker or handbook firms, and they cannot afford you do what you want.

So there are two types of restrictions here. The first one is impossibility to withdraw principals before a definite terms expires, for instance, this may be a term existing for paying all interests. For instance, if the term is 6 months, you cannot withdraw your money until this period is over.

The second variant is a fee, which is removed when you try to withdraw your money too early. It may reach 50% and it is really cruel. But this is done to prevent you from withdrawing. However, such option is a real program's advantage, because very few programs may risk and offer such option to its investors.

FastMarket is a good example, they've had both variants of principal (or initial) withdraw, and both these variants didn't work :) However, all of you remember that this program lived for long, that they started new projects, and many investors received their profit. Well, when we started to request our principals in 6 months, administration just kept silence.

The same refers to a simple withdrawal of our funds, even with 50% administrative fee – we haven't received anything as well. Then investors faced the same problem. In short, FastMarket had a quality and advanced structure, but it didn't work so. I don't know if someone could withdraw the money from this program during all period of its work, but this option remains unchecked.

But it's the most honest. If you hesitate in the program, you have a possibility to get your money back on a definite stage. Just because such programs work for long, and they usually manage to pay a bigger part of principles before going to run. If this option is present in the agreement, you should try to test it – it is important to unmask the folks if it is possible.

Well, I've already told that very few programs risk offering such variant. There are two reasons for it. The first one is that such option demands definite technical options. This program must develop an original script. And, of course, economical aspect is also important, it is necessary to count the possibility to withdraw investors' money. This is not easy for every program. So, the programs that want to act seriously and that want to work in “quality market”, have the third alternative – in my opinion, it's the most universal and profitable.

This is the variant of purchasing the values. We may remember Forex Union, InvestFreak among the most relevant programs. PrivateOpps , which disappeared recently, had the same scheme. The issue is clear. You don't just invest money, you purchase some “shares”, points, units. You receive some interests for each issue you purchased.

It's simple. These shares obtain a RELATIVE costs after your purchase. It depends upon some home market. In principle, it is possible that you cannot sell these shares somewhere, but most often you can, because you are not supposed to get much benefit, receiving 1% a day. :) But it happens that the term of use of your shares is over as soon as you receive your interests, and they are just zeroed.

A variant of creating a home market, where investors may sell these values to each other, looks more attractive and interesting. The price is relative as well. In this case you may make profit not only on interests, but also on increase of the price of definite shares. :) it looks very attractive, but it's deceptive. So you need to be careful and double check the terms.

We cannot cover all perspectives , so we won't even try, and we haven't got enough space for it. But usually the list of terms is quite long, and lack of attention may cost you much. At first, pay attention to what you can do with these shares. Once their cost is determined by the program, don't think that you're far from control and scam. They are the same, and they are more complicated, if the terms of the program are clear and detailed.

This is all what we wanted to tell you about return of your money. If you have something to add, we will appreciate your updates. But we suppose that these three key elements include the widest circle of programs and you will are informed now. ;)

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