Fake Company Registrations

Updated: 04/17/2015 10:21
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fake company registrations
Learn about hidden aspects of company registrations used to pretend HYIPs are real Find out about the price and terms to get the company registered
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Now i would like to talk about what lots of people think is really important, when it comes to choosing a HYIP to be added for your investment portfolio. Apart from the fact it is useless, and simply gives some extra information and a sort of a proofs that admin of a HYIP has spent some funds on developing the project. What i mean is the company registrations. Here is the article below i would like to show you how easy it is to get the company officially registered anywhere. Moreover i will try to show how to define if the information provided is fake.

Belize, Panama, Seychelles, BVI, UK…

I am absolutely sure, nearly every HYIP investor knows the names of these countries. Almost every HYIP< which claims to be officially registered has a company registered in one of these places. You may think, all scammers originate from there... that is wrong! It is really that easy to obtain the company in one of those counrties. The companies registered there are called "International Business Company" (IBC). The real companies use them for ta issues, money laundering and naturally for lots types of illegal activity.

In order to register a company like that one should simply find an intermediate company, which would do that for you. Just try the Google search and try to search for "companies in belize" or something similar you will see the bulk of offers and opportunities. Registering such a company is absolutely anonymous. Only the service used for registering your company will be aware of your real data. And of course you can use fake documents or get some alternative, hence you'll become 100% anonymous.

You may think it's a very expensive service and only the top hyips with a giant initial assets are able to order any service like that for their website... that is wrong again. The price for the registration services start with $450. Talking about Belize they include first year government fee of $100 and one-time fee of $350 for making all preparations and registration setup. The virtual address or the post box is also included in the services. If you need any more professional approach, for bigger price you can order the representative in your virtual office. That will cost you about $200 per month.

Some of agencies offering registration services go further and may offer you previously registered companies, which have been earlier abandoned. You can get one for $725. The prices are really small for an Inc. or Ltd. company you may get with all the papers and no need to work at all. All newbies will be eager to believe it is a real company and more like to trust you. In general i can say it is a dangerous thing. Along with people's greed that is one of the main reasons why HYIPs are so successful: that's cause anyone after paying a littles less than a thousand of bucks may pretend to be a serious legitimate company.

Is there always initial capital as a proof for admins?
If you think you can speak for suer of the financial status of the program admin simply taking a look at the company registration and hence make some conclusion about long-term plans of the project, you are wrong. You don't have to register anywhere actually to obtain some good company certificate. There are lots of suspicious services, which can offer some fake certificates for you, for any company you want to. Some can be treated as fakes, some are more or less professional and can be identified as fake only after checking the registration numbers, which can also be real in case scammers used to take a name of some previously registered company.

Things you can do to verify the certificate is to look for misprints, signs of photoshop editing or different fonts or the way the text looks like in the Name of the Company part.

Will it make a program legal if it's officially registered?
I am absolutely sure you know the answer. Of course, not! Company registration is one thing and providing financial services is absolutely different. The company may see a part of it for registering. The persons are the owners, however what HYIPs do is the unlicensed stocks trading. That is illegal and every financial authority in the world will be happy to arrest the guys responsible for that, in case they can reach them. And that is the reason why HYIP admins always try to stay anonymous. What they do is a financial crime.

Hope after reading this article you know how the system works. Perhaps, i could somehow clarify and you are aware of the peculiarities of company registrations. Best of all is not to go deep into any of HYIPs. Always stay calm and act wisely to take effective solutions, no matter how good the program looks like and how professional the certificates are.

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