Payeer payment system

Updated: 07/24/2015 14:38
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payeer payment sustem
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First of all we need to mention, Payeer has become extremely popular after EgoPay was hacked. Basically it is a very simple payment system for HYIP runners. It is now used with the same frequency as Perfect Money is for making deposits and taking withdrawals. Starting to use Payeer is very simple. With the minimal commission you can transfer the money from, let's say, Perfect Money account or QIWI money. Besides, there is an option to cash the funds out from Payeer directly using the exchanger services. Let's go into details and talk about this popular payment system below.

The customers of Payeer payment system have much more opportunities, at the same time the system is a universal one and easy to use. It is is hard nowadays to find any other system, which would combine simplicity and functionality any other system similar to Payeer. During the process of processing various financial transactions, the system fees will definitely make every client feel good. When making a transaction with a large amount of money the commission fee rate factor is one of the most important criteria, when choosing a payment system.

Getting access to all the options provided by Payeer payment system is only possible after completing the signup procedure. The SignUp process is very simple. Even a regular person, who never used to deal with payment systems can figure it out. At the same time it needs to be said there is no need register with the system in order get funds from the registered users. The basic services provided by the payment system are as follows:

• money transfers all around the world. Now, anyone willing to send money to foreign country has an opportunity to do that as fast as possible at maximum profitable rates. Thereat, apart from internal transfers, transactions can be completed to any other external accounts;
• with the help of the Payeer payment system, customer has an option to withdraw funds to bank card or exchange currencies at profitable exchange rates;
• there is such a feature inside the system called Mass Payments API. The feature suits perfectly well for online shops. Payeer offers around 150 various means to complete international payments;
• extended options for trading platforms;
• automatic payment option to different bank accounts. This is very convenient for the owners of online shops.

Apart from the opportunity to make transfers, exchange currencies, make payouts and many other things, Payeer payment system gives opportunity to earn money with the help of affiliate program of its own, as well as to install and setup the currency exchange feature on the target website. Thanks to this feature, the website owner will be able to earn affiliate bonuses received from every transaction completed by the resource users. In that case, the more visitors your website has the more money you can earn joining the Payeer affiliate program as well as from currency exchange commissions. The system opportunities are enormous, every user can find the most significant ones compared to other alternative systems.

The Payeer system menu is designed to secure maximum simplicity for the customers, which is why even the person, who sees the menu for the first time can easily navigate it and use the features required. There is a personal account on the system's website with the help of which it is easy to manage the entire portal navigation process. Such an option gives opportunity to setup smooth exchange process on the website. For the users using Payeer for business purposes it is extremely important to make it easy to use, fully functional to the utmost. Lots online shop owners tend not to use portals, using which lots of troubles occur, even though the commissions seem to be low enough.

The wallet management, issuing invoices and managing virtual cards can be easily done with the help of the API.

Entering the main page of Payeer payment system, there on top of it customer can see the main menu, using which your account can be charged fast by one of many ways possible. All this makes the payment system of the most solid ones in the industry.

The money withdrawal process has been thoroughly studied in the Payeer payment system. As we said before, even a non-registered user is eligible for receiving funds. After the transaction is sent, the customer registered, who completed it gets a message to the e-mail with the notification saying your transaction has been completed.

The security of every transaction on the Payeer website is guaranteed by a well-thought code protection, one needs to enter before the receiver takes his money. There are no limits for the transfer amounts within the system, while the commission rate is low enough, that is why using this system is much more profitable than using alternative ones, offering similar services.

Every user registered on the portal with the money available on the payment system account can pay the phone bills, transfer the money to different websites and social networks, pay for online services, complete purchase in online shops and many other things.

Money comes to Payeer payment system account immediately using one of comfortable ways as well as the money withdrawals including bank cards, which expands the sphere of this payment system application.

Payeer Basic Advantages

Anonymity - one of the most important advantages of this payment system. Lots of people for various reasons wish to receive money transfers being located in any part of the world in a completely anonymous way for security reasons. Particularly the feature allowing to receive funds without registering inside the system gives this anonymity.

Every time, no matter what kind of transfer is made, the customer who is meant to receive the transfer gets it immediately with now delays. Besides, even taking into account the instant transfer the commission is minimum. Currency exchange is also processed instantly just as the money transfer.

The large number of advantages of the Payeer payment system such as its being easy to use, instant funding, withdrawal and exchange to different e-currency types, a wide choice of account funding options, functionality, minimum commission rates, security of the transactions processed, reliability and transparency, transactions completion speed and many many others make Payeer one of the most compelling and popular payment systems nowadays. Working with the website and making trade commercial transactions there is a chance to increase the reputation of your online shop or any other e-commerce resource in the eyes of customers, who will be able to complete payments fast and easy as well as to receive the invoices issued immediately.

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