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Updated: 05/11/2006 05:47
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HYIP - is a huge space, inhabited with thousands of investors, seeking, suffering, finding, losing, expensive and poor, getting rich and losing everything. This is a virtual world, elusive and ephemeral. Your friend here may turn out to be a program administrator, and your kind interlocutor may appear to be the worst scammer. This world has a special nobility, special betrayal, knights, thefts, wars and power.

When a newbie just starts his work on HYIP arena, he may be shocked with the speed which is usual for this world. The programs appear and disappear, and it seems that the names of HYIP programs, administrators cannot be remembered, as they appear and disappear as if they ride merry-go-round. But in some time he accepts the role and everything becomes familiar and close.

Local elite comprises experienced investors, who can be seen on forums – they have many posts, they like to ridicule inexperienced advertisers, who advertise the program and give a referral link. They are old investors, who have passed a long way, who received moderator status on the forums and who probably tried to launch a program a couple of times – it is not proved but it is probable. Some of them have currency exchange, popular blogs etc – various additional tools of moneymaking.

Various administrator of forums and monitorings can be referred to power. Their opinion influences many things, and their decision may close some program. Or give it up for lost. Investors who have already created deposits may suffer in this war. Then the exchange of DDoS attacks begins, and investors suffer again. :) Everything reduces to investor, who is the least noticeable but the most widely represented person in HYIP world.

I can't but say that this person has much influence. All investors taken together influence the success of the program (although those investors who may risk four-figure sums of money stand aside). But most often elite and power of HYIP world are indifferent towards these investors, and these are programs' administrators who care about them, because investors are tool of money making for these people.

But it is difficult to unmask programs' administrators. Most often they hide behind some nicks, and they come to contact the audience only on such arena as MMG, and it happens seldom. This is because they may suffer from a personal attack, and lose security, once we have many knights and warriors who just wait for a chance to fight 'scammers'.

It's bad that they meet not only scammers, but very many people who look like scammers, and they are also fought with. It's not fair, but thing happen – this world has its rules and its heroes.

Let's speak about heroes. Heroes include such characters as Team Aaron and Shara, Pecuniae-Collocator, who don't appear on forums often, but they are active on their forums and are interesting to the readers. These guys don't participate in the HYIP life, but highlight it. They don't publish referral links, but their DD activity is worth attention. They are interesting for the investors because they educate :)

Beggars are often met on the forums. They ask for a penny or their needs and ask to fill their pocket with something to let them survive. There are many such folks, and we have written an article about them. Rich people prefer to hide their wealth, but in topic 'How much you earn with HYIP' they write 3.000 monthly (with 5.000 of advantage or defect). I think they're kidding :)

Negative characters are scammers. It happens that administrators of notorious monitorings (most often, automatic) accept this role. But it happens very seldom. Scammers are vicious on their origin and they are fighting with all other parts. :) Investors try to annihilate them on forums, they may get unfair status on monitorings etc. It is hard to define them, so all evil spirits that look like scam are killed :(

This is just an assumption. Nothing more than a fantasy. Fiction in HYIP journalism is not used even in its smallest part, but it allows watching habitual things from a different angle of vision. So, we will come back to it. Hope, this small immersion helped you find something new.

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