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Updated: 09/16/2015 14:09
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carbon7 review
Take your time to read the professional HYIP review of Carbon7 by, written by Brett Sherpan learn about the main aspects of the project
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Carbon7 joined HyipNews Free listing on October 9, 2015, thus being available online since the end of spring. Since the very start of its online performance the project has not been popularizing the project online by traditional means, getting listed on multiple hyip monitors, ordering banners etc. Looked like it's been only promoted by the investors themselves. The strategy chosen looks rather interesting for such an attractive project. When navigating the project, experienced investors can see a clear resemblance to another hyip, active in 2011 and called Royalty7. Magic '7' - doesn't that sound familiar? All in all today the project has changed its advertising strategy and now it's listed on major listing sites, including

1. Introduction, First Impression!

After taking a first look to the project Carbon7, the deja-vu feeling appeared deep inside reminding of another program, which used to be popular far in 2011-2012, called Royalty7. More likely that one the biggest HYIP till now. Indeed there is something in common between these two projects, still there are certain differences. Carbon7 seemed to steal the design from Royalty7, though it was improved for sure.

It looks more complex, more like a premium one. The website gives impression of a corporate one. There is no template with giant picture in the center. All sections are divided with clear rectangle blocks. It gives more simplicity to the website navigation. The member area looks rather extraordinary, though clear enough. The stat section within the member area is very detalized. Security settings makle it possible to restrict access to the member area for certain IPs and browsers.

2. Investment Plans, Referral Program!

All in all Carbon7 offers two investment plans. Getting back to Royalty7, the plans look very much similar. The first and the main one is called C7 Plan and limited to 30 calendar days, though 7% daily is calculated on business days, so usually there are 22 business days and the total profit is 154%, 54% is a pure monthly profit. The principal is included into the profit of course.

The second investment plan called Weekly Plan pays 110% after 7 calendar days with the principal not included as well. The minimum deposit for every plan is $25 and minimum withdrawal is $2.5. There is an option to change e-wallet identificators inside the member area, excluding Payza and SolidTrustPay. Changing identificators for these two is only possible after making a deposit from other accounts of these payment systems. The profit compounding system is also available under the circumstances minimum deposit balance ($25) is available and there are enough empty slots for opening new deposits.

The referral commission is one-level and makes 5% for every deposit made by your downline. The admin claims the referral program introduced at Carbon7 is rather lucrative, for 5% instant commission is also paid on all of the dowbnline's future external deposits as well. This is a great opportunity to build a long-term passive income that will earn you between $1.25 to $12,500 on each external deposit your referrals will ever make into the platform.

3. Ways to Make Deposit and Withdraw Funds!

In order to make a deposit one should choose any of the two investment plans given above and proceed as usually, being guided by the instructions on the website. This doesn't work for bank wires, which are processed out of the website interface. Before opening the account, it is recommended to choose a reliable upline, to make sure you get some part of your RCB back.

When completing the signup, please remember, the project registration require two PIN codes to be entered: one for making withdrawal requests, another one, which is something new actually, for contacting the support system. Naturally one PIN code can be used for both options, though common sense says two PIN codes gives more security in that aspect. The signup form offers to tick off next to the following warning:

"Notice: Posting false negative votes on feedback sites without contacting us at first is considered as strict violation that could lead to indefinite account suspension.
Therefore, if you happen to have issues with your account, please always make sure to try and resolve it with our support team. We are always at your service!"

Without completing the double opt-in registration, and clicking the verification link in your e-mail it is impossible to enter the member area. As i have said earlier, minimum deposit amount is $25 ($250 for bankwire). Up to 7 deposits slots are open for every investment plan, which means up to 7 new deposits can be made by one investor to every investment plan offered by Carbon7. Well, as we can see '7' takes a prominent place in the project, as the admin says, this number brings luck. Currency wires can be completed in all currencies, (including the major ones: EUR, USD и GBP). Transfers from the USA are accepted. As it's declared bank wire deposits take up to 3 business days to get approved..

Currently the following eWallets are accepted as payment methods: PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Payeer, Payza and SolidTrustPay. Also, Bank Wires are accepted directly (for effortless funding of your account). All of those payment methods allowing fast, easy and secure service to make online payments. However, it is highly recommended to deposit using bank wire (International Swift) as more convenient payment method for larger deposits, and you may begin by loading the 'INVEST' page inside your account and choosing "Invest From Your Bank Wire Account" under "CHOOSE A PAYMENT METHODS".

See the list of payment options accepted at Carbon7

To make a request you need to log into your account and click on 'WITHDRAW' in the top menu, then fill in the necessary info to complete your withdrawal request. You can request to withdraw at anytime, once you reach our minimum amount to withdraw of $2.50. Your requests will be paid asap, and within 48 business hours. Please be patient. Business days are: Monday to Friday (excluding holidays).

Working Hours: 8:30AM - 6:00PM. And the important thing here is not to forget the withdrawal PIN Code you typed in during the registration to the project.

4. Legend and Content!

The legend of the project is a unique one, though not explained in details. According to the legend, Carbon7 invests loan funds to producing carbon fibre. However as for this project, just like at Royalty7, investors did not care about the legend much. As for the content, there's pretty much of it in terms of giving out some words about the history of the project and some system's capitalization mechanics scheme provided at your attention below:

Carbon7 capitalization mechanism

5. Customer Care and Support!

To decrease the pressure to the support service of the project, the staff of Carbon7 has developed a very informative FAQ system, where divided into sections, one can find nearly any answer to any question that may be interesting to potential investors. FAQ system is very informative. The support is spread into several sections: Technical Support run by Patrick N. and Jennifer S, Financial Advisers run by George Morgan and Arnold Volfson and CEO & Chief Advertising run by Martin E. Connard. See more details about the Support areas below:

Support sections at Carbon7

If you need any urgent assistance, you can contact the support, opening a ticket and using the contact support form or to take advantage of the Live Chat option, the button to open a live chat with the support employee is located on the Support page of the website.

6. Technical Aspect!

Carbon7 has paid attention on the member area. They've used a fully customized and unique script. There are a lot of new options on member area and it was needed as the investment plans are slot based. So there is separate option for every slot. 256bit EV SSL encryption from COMODO, Dedicated (or may be VPS) hosting from OVH which is well-known in HYIP industry.

Additionally project is hosted on dedicated DDoS protected server. DDOs protection is provided by BlockDos which is also popular and providing reliable DDOs protection from years. The domain (.cc) is not so unique (may be sound like a free domain) but costlier than ordinary .com extension. In a word, Carbon7 has chosen the best configurations for their website and it's unique and qualitative. Keep in mind that email verification is needed to complete the sign ups in Carbon7. So, no fake email addresses are allowed here.

7. Special Features!

So, what is so special about Carbon7 apart from its resemblance to Royalty7. First of all, the project accepts SolidTrustPay and Payza to verified e-wallets. These payment systems are not widely used in hyips now for they allow money refund from the recipient wallets under the circumstances continuous complaints are detected and proved to be true. That is the reason hyips do not tolerate using them. Carbon7 uses them and that is a big advantage, which may speak of serious intentions of the owners. There is an option for a bank wire, which also proves its plans.

There is also a virtual keyboard, which gives more points to the security level of the project. It's hard to imagine the project with so many security features to be a fast hyip, planned to run for a month or so. More likely the admin has some long-term plans.

8. Conclusion!

Let's summarize. It's nice to see when a hyip looks not like a hyip itself and has serious template. The choice of payment options at Carbon7 is really impressive. Not every project can provide such a choice actually. It's clear the admin is rather experienced. The build quality of their website and the current advertising strategy is a sign that he is spending enough for the project. Carbon7 has all chances to become a remarkable project in the future and possibly repeat the success of Royalty7, which has been a truly remarkable hyip in its time.

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