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Updated: 10/24/2006 08:28
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It is not a secret and it is often repeated here and there that there is no unique and universal strategy to provide any investor with a patient and assured work without any loss and with a constant increasing profit. Strategies vary as investors vary, and every person with the least experience of investing in HYIP will agree that there should be a single individual strategy for every single investor, and all successful examples should be adopted individually.

A universal advice doesn't exist. But there is a common ground for all strategies and methods to be based on, there are some common points that are regarded by all investors as cornerstones for building up a successful strategy. One of those cornerstones will be discussed in the current article. As you have probably guessed, we will discuss monitoring services.

Everybody understands that successful investing in HYIP consists of a few elements, and choosing the right project in appropriate moment is one of those elements, and undoubtedly a pledge of a future success. The next important element is watching the work of the program you have chosen to be ready to change your strategy, increase your deposit or even take your money off. Monitoring services are of a much use for both stages described above.

But it is evident that there are no absolutely reliable source of information. It may sound strange and absurd, but monitoring services may often mislead you, and they often may be no less dangerous as forums, that meet you with false posts of cheerleaders, paid for attracting new victims.

There are monitoring sites that lie on purpose and there are monitoring sites that lie because the quality of their work is poor. Which of them are more harmful and more guilty? It seems to me, there is no difference, because the result is the same – people obtain misleading advice, bringing them to losses and disappointment.

Sometimes you don’t need an special knowledge or experience to tell those who lie from those who give you a proper perspective. You just need to visit the site of the program that has already closed or the one that is reported as scam. Many of those programs have a dozen or even more monitoring banners on their site.

Why do I give you such advice? Because just a glance at this page will tell you much about monitoring services that these banners belong to. It has occurred and it still occurs that rating banners of this or that monitoring give a Paying status to a program closed a week ago! And you may see and compare results on your own!

What does it mean? It means something that it is important for you to take into consideration each time you want to check out program’s status. The information given to you may be irrelevant. That is why it is necessary to check out as many monitoring services as possible, and, of course, check out forums to prove or to disprove information that you have already found.

Why does it happen that monitoring services gives users incorrect information? Why during all summer this year forums were full of accusations addressed to monitoring services, and these negative comments were no less numerous than accusations addressed to scam and non-paying programs?

Because many investors suspected or made sure of dishonesty of definite monitoring services, blaming them for supporting evident scams. Of course, unless monitoring sites are run by people, and unless people may be bribed, the chances of it exist. And these were not mere words, such accusations were supported by evidences!

And these were not only investors accusing monitoring of telling lie to people. A lot of administrators were discontent with their work, stating that monitoring services often give irrelevant information thus spoiling the reputation of a good program, and thus spreading panics among investors.

All of us know what it may mean. Just a small untested information or rumor may be enough to make investors panic, think out all possible red flags and scam signs and accuse the program of all possible and impossible sins. Such situation may be extremely harmful even for the most successful and a stable program.

There were a few examples when administrators rejected from adding their program to any catalogue on monitoring sites and explained it as a measure necessary to protect the program from harmful monitoring practice, which can affect successful program's activity. We may understand such point of view, but this is not a proper way out of the situation. Everybody should avoid extremes in this sphere.

It is evident that monitoring services are necessary for normal functioning of any program, otherwise users won’t trust it. As well as monitoring services will stop existing without programs. So, these two integral parts of HYIP sphere should coexist in harmony to reach the key purpose of this activity – to make money and let people earn, and of course, investors should be the main point of orientation of this alliance.

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