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Updated: 08/28/2017 15:46
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chestwallet review
Take your time to read the professional HYIP review of ChestWallet by, by Brett Sherpan learn about the main aspects of the project
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Read the professional review of ChestWallet to learn the main aspects and features of the hyip with the special attention paid to the technical aspect of the website, the content, the investment plans and other specific features.

WARNING: The HYIP has been blacklisted and not recommended for investing.
The Internet is full of news about the increase of the Bitcoin rate. Not surprisingly, modern HYIPs are based precisely on this crypto currency. In today's professional review we are pleased to welcome the ChestWallet project, which is not an exception of the rule. Thus, we should understand what HYIP offers and how much its terms are beneficial for investors worldwide. Chestwallet has been listed at HyipNews for 51 days and has been performing well enough on decent investment plans.

1. Introduction, First Impression!

The design of the HYIP completely deserves the title of "thematic". At first glance, you can appreciate the modern approach, as everything is colorfully and professionally executed. There are no negative feelings or questions when looking into the design. The visibility remains classic: there is a start page, and the main links. The first one presents all the information for a quick start. In order to get all the missing information, the main links are available. Please pay attention to the "FAQ" section, since it is the key. Please note that initially the HYIP was only available in English, though recently two more languages have been added: Russian and Chinese. For a modern investor, this is no longer a problem, since all browsers have an online translator. There are some general stats of the work of the HYIP. In addition, HYIP provides customers with the detailed graphs for the funds deposit and withdrawal by other participants, thus, you can personally make an opinion on its solid performance.

2. Investment Plans, Referral Program!

ChestWallet offers three investment plans to the members (Novice, Professional and Master Plan). Each of those plans pays profit daily (2.64%, 3.12% and 4.08% Per Day accordingly). The calculation also gives average hourly profit based on the daily return announced. The amounts to invest to these three plans vary. The minimum & maximum amount of deposits are 0.005 - 5 BTC , 5.00000001 - 10 BTC & 10.00000001 - 500 BTC for the three plans respectively. For your convenience you can use the online calculator on the main page to see how much you will eventually earn by depositing this or that amount of Bitcoin, which is by the way the only accepted payment method at ChestWallet.

There is also a referral program for the ChestWallet members. For direct referrals partners are awarded with 5% interest on the amount deposited by the referral. There is also a Representative program, where the reward is 10%. The important thing is that you do not need to have an active investment in order to participate in the referral program. Anyone registered on ChestWallet website can start benefiting immediately from participating in the referral program by referring others. Referral commissions are paid to referring party when referred party makes an investment deposit. Once someone registers using your referral link, you will receive an email notification. You can check number of your referrals and your referral earnings on the 'Referral' section of your account.

3. Ways to Make Deposit and Withdraw Funds!

In order to begin investing, you should register on the website by filling the registration form, clicking the "Register" button. After that, you can start investing. Please make sure that you are at least 18 years old. Investing is only possible via Bitcoin. You can open a free Bitcoin account here: or Bitcoin deposits will be accepted when the total number of confirmations is 3. Every member is allowed to have only one account. Any attempt of fraud will result in permanent blocking of the account and the funds deposited in the account will be frozen. You can also make multiple deposits at any given time. There is no limit to the amount and the number of transactions you make within the program. Speaking about withdrawals and the profit earned, you should realize the principal is not included in the profit, however if you want to remove it the principal withdrawal fee 5% is applied. The profit is calculated on running deposits 7 days a week. Also compounding feature is available for ever plan selected. Funds withdrawal is allowed after logging in the ChestWallet account and proceeding to the Withdraw section. As per the terms all withdrawal requests are processed instantly. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.002 BTC.

4. Legend and Content!

The legend of the ChestWallet hyip is classic. According to it, the project is involved in crypto mining, as well as trading crypto-currencies. There is already a unique plan created by true professionals in their field, which will raise the rating of this company, as well as your profit. Also according to the legend ChestWallet Limited is a UK registered company & its company number is 10828568. Here is some story beyond the project: "ChestWallet Limited was founded in 2017 as a cryptocurrency mining & trading investment platform by a group of digital enthusiasts. We invested our mining earnings in trading of cryptocurrencies & used innovative trading methods to generate profits in the cryptocurrency markets." On the hyip market the ChestWallet hyip started at the end of June.

5. Customer Care and Support!

The admin of the project is sure, FAQ section has replies to most of the common questions asked, however if you still need support, you are more than welcome to contact the 24/7 support team through email or phone. If there are problems that you can not solve on your own, then you should contact a live chat. Yes, he is present and consultants are almost always online. This can not but rejoice, since such a feature saves considerable time. Apart from that on the 'Contact' page you can see the contact form, address of the company: Thornton House Thornton Road, Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom, SW19 4NG and e-mail to contact directly: [email protected].

6. Technical Aspect!

ChestWallet has the SSL certificate enabled with the Green Bar from Comodo. The certificate should be trusted by all major web browsers (all the correct intermediate certificates are installed). The certificate will expire in 321 days. The hostname ( is correctly listed in the certificate. The resolves to Domain has been registered on April 27, 2017, updated later on July 16, 2017 and is about to expire on April 27, 2018. The DDoS protection is provide by EASY-GEO-DNS.COM. The script of the ChestWallet hyip is official registered provided by DQScript.

7. Conclusion!

In general, the ChestWallet HYIP is designed quite well. Solid design is the thing that comes to customers' minds taking first look at the website. It differs in its modern approach, as well as its clarity. There are no problems with the technical part in general, since there is an official licensed script, the website runs on, so everything works smoothly and as stable as possible. There is even SSL certificate with the GreenBar from Comodo available. In a word, it can be seen the admin has spent pretty much on making such a resource. The HYIP provides various stats. The data can be considered true, since the project is rather popular among investors online and has been working for a while.

As for the investment plans - they are made wisely. Whatever it is, the one with the minimum deposit seems to be the working one. The advantage of the project is the ability to remove the initial deposit. Even taking into account the fee 5% it can make sense and the loss is not that significant at all. Referral program program is also available and the percentage depends on the contribution of your partner. To receive large interest, you should become a representative (10% bonus). ChestWallet looks pretty attractive, but you should go in person and check everything. Do not miss this opportunity, because the experience is priceless.

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