Outward Appearance is the Key Point! Part Two

Updated: 07/21/2005 07:09
Hyip Monitor
So as we promised in the previous article, we go on discussing whether it's possible to "value" program looking at its site. Hence, whether it's possible to understand how many chances are there for it to become really reliable and long-term, profitable program.

Cause, looking at a person you can say what to expect from him - rude or endearing words, help or trouble. Let's try to do the same with programs.

But it's just one side of any resource. On the other hand, there's more fundamental thing - script, which is the basis of the site engine, its internal infrastructure, all the processes, money payouts included.

Script can be seen not only with the outward design, it also influences greatly the work of the resource as a whole. So, we can say for sure, script is the main thing in the resource' functioning. Especially in the functioning of the resource, dealing with investments processing.

The point is that any error may not just cause the interruption of work, it may lead to losing hundreds, thousands dollars! So, we are going to pay attention to scripts particularly in this article.

Good script should be safe, fast and convenient. Good script should be original, cause any script studied by the violator is definitely easy to hack by the fraudsters. Though, even the safest script in the world should be simple and convenient, which allows any customer finding the ways "in and out", otherwise working with this resource cannot bode something well to you.

Good script is cognate at once. Following the criteria, described above you will definitely call some programs, which really work well and reliably in the presence of such an engine. It's a character. This program will not go offline within some days. It really needs high-quality and expert traders' representation.

Bad script is also cognate at once. Let's talk about it. In the preview for this article we promised to classify all the varieties of lack of talent met online, so that we could speak one language with you. Unfortunately we can't give you some universal tool that involves all the script types met and their types, but that will be enough for a start.

The first one and the most widespread script is "Three columns with the tables in the middle". This script is used by American United Trust, which is another proof that any script may be used, even the free one, the main is to work in a workmanlike manner.

The characteristic features of this popular script is that there are 3 columns provided there, one is for the news, the table with the terms is in the middle, statistics is on the left. By the way, do you remember that in the very beginning of the work of this program we mailed them - their headline is the same with another program? This is because of using "standard" template.

Another type of this script is "absence" of the right news column. Here is the example: https://www.profitsmanager.com/index.php. http://caviarinvest.com used some other kind of script so we can't rank it among this group. Let's call it "Caviar".

The second less popular, though very cognate script, which is used not just to provide investment services by the way. One can see this script on the site New Concept Funds. Nice guys, they've been working for a long time, and we hope they are not going to leave us, though fact remains - the script is not a rarity for HYIP and you can recognize it from the button New Member Sign Up.

Besides its usual form has a menu to the right, narrow "headline" on the top of the screen. Currently New Concept Funds is the only famous and really paying, long-term HYIP with such a script, so we are going to call it in its honor - NCF. By the way this script costs up to 299 USD and here you can buy it: http://www.tacticalgold.com/dream/

By the way, sometimes it happens when a program can use a script "internally" ONLY. They definitely need the sphere of cooperation with client, paying the accounts etc. Though it's not necessary to display it. The characteristic example here is http://www.kenarogold.biz - typical template, where the corresponding links and names, descriptions etc. are typed in.

Now let's talk about the place these scripts are from. Everything is rather simple. If a staff programmer does not design them, they are purchased. And most likely they are purchased as a "template", without any stylistic solution and improvement.

They are just purchased, launched and make money. Colorful enough, though still very simple scripts are produced by popular abcHYIP, see their site and you'll recognize the features of very familiar programs.

Now you don't just "feel" the real price of those who provide services to you, you can also see the face value of their "representation". Are you impressed? Aj Square produces the scripts of the similar, elementary level, though higher class. Though they will cost up to 500 USD. Many programmers produce scripts made to order. It's quite real to find the script for a "Gold Game" at the price of about 20 USD!

The script that costs 10 USD goes with the following description: "Same as HYIP x.RM series, but not include Mass Payment, Turing and Multilanguage features. If you do not plan to serve too many investors, this could be perfect solution."

It's also not difficult to get scripts for free. It also happens. http://www.goldcoders.com/hyiplister - you like that? Recognize it? Recently a couple of programs could boast of such a design. So, that's a striking example of ABSOLUTELY free script. And many programs don't even try to change the headline of the site!

I.e. they don't invest a SINGLE PENNY into it! Do you need that? Unfortunately, somebody needs??¦ by the way do you know how much does the script of the famous and respected hyipmonitor cost? 110 USD! Just 110 USD. That's why this site has so many clones online.

Well then our space is limited, so we can't amuse you with more continuous stories. This information is absolutely enough for a start. If you have any extra information we will certainly continue the topic, and so far we wish you luck and high incomes.

P.S. Once again we'd like to mention that information given is exclusively analytical and is not a universal method of program rating analysis. Sometimes it happens that program, having terrible script and design works not less than "masterpieces".

So, don't take decision, relying upon the information given. We talked about script values just for you to realize, how "valuable" the virtual office of the company is and what may it claim for. If it says "trading company" with a milliard dollars turnover in description, and their script costs 36 USD, make the corresponding conclusions. Hope this information will help you.

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