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Magic Kids. Inc. are one of the nice home opportunities. But we found some reports from the investors who had deal with the company

Magic Kids. Inc. are one of the nice home opportunities. But we found some reports from the investors who had deal with the company. Be carefully.

DO NOT BECOME Magic Kids Distributor. I joined a few years ago and spent more on advertising than I made.Their management is very greedy and they do not tell you the whole truth about your commissions in their attractive slow mail booklet.
I sold $500 in their stuff to a store.That was big for me. The owner even paid me with her credit card(trusted me) and I dropshipped. I was waiting for my fat 50% commission check and to my dissapointment I received only about $107. In the flyer they do not tell you that if somebody orders larger quantities 12plus your commission goes DOWN!!!DISHONEST! I went inactive for about 2 years, but recently(end of June 2008) a person I know placed an order.
I am waiting for my paycheck and nothing!!!
I called the company and was told that they do not know why the paycheck was not sent. It has been already almost 2 weeks since I talked to them and my paycheck is not here!!!! And now READ!!!!! 2 days ago I received their MLM program called GET RICH WITH NO WORK
They are asking me to pay $985 to get paid for recruiting other distributors and get paid commissions for their sale.THAT IS CRAZY to ask that kind of money for being in their MLM structure.In the envelope there was a fake check for a refund of my initial distributor package $165 they say that after they deduct $165 from $1130(what they want for their MLM program)it will only be measely $985 My check is 3 months late and I get this in the mail first!!!!! That so much that if I do not receive my check in 5 days, I am reporting them to BBB and other places. They send you your check one month after your customer receives the order(not places it)you wait long for your money!!!They are protecting themselves from returns this way!

Do not join. I have had bad experience.Find my long story in this thread. They will send you more and more letters to rty to suck more money from you. Asking almost $1000 to be in their MLM is outrageous. MK distributors are mostly stay at home parents trying to make an extra buck on the side. As their program says you GET RICH WITHOUT WORK (this is the name of their $1000 program) I guess Magic Kids mangement has found a way to reduce their mailing costs by hiring an army of distributors to recruit other distributors and asking to pay almost $1000 to do so. Who is here trying to GET RICH WITHOUT WORK!!!???

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