Updated: 03/29/2009 18:11
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OK guys, I am hooked up and will be moving around the forum and signing on to ping shortly, after I do a bit around here, so swing by and say hi :)...

OK guys, I am hooked up and will be moving around the forum and signing on to ping shortly, after I do a bit around here, so swing by and say hi :)

There WILL be a game at 630pm cst, but the announcement of which game will come later....some games, remember, require more players than others.

Don't forget the weekend promo is still going on, and I will be on most of the day crediting and adding while working on the house.

For all the new members, cashout is done automatically for you on the first of the month around 10am, you don't need to request it anywhere. Make sure all your information, including payment method/type of gift card is correct in your profile, and I may require ID verification on new cashouts. Lastly, the 10.00 cashout MUST come from PTSU/PTC/Downline earnings, games/promos do not count towards this.

For gold members, and those who have been around awhile, I may be contacting you individually before your final cashout amount is done, as we do have some things in place and I haven't had time to look at accounts. Also, after discussing with a few other people, I am going to stop the Gold on demand payments. BUT, I will honor payment requests just as I always have, and I will give advances as I always have, so not much changes other than the official TOS, which I will get to that and the front page of Cupid later today. As always, if you contact me at any day during the month and request money, you will receive it within a few days. I don't think I've ever denied a payment or an advance request, and the longest wait was around four this is basically just changing back to the original "wording". What we are going to, and going from, are still basically the same thing, it was just easier for other members and the site to be taken advantage of by some requesting repeated payouts, with the on demand option....and this cannot happen with net35 terms with advances/payout requests...make sense? This protects you, which I made the mistake of NOT doing this month, and I apologize. Points continue on demand as they always have.

If anyone is unhappy with these changes, please contact me and I will work with you on an individual basis.

You guys have a good, relaxing, offer-doing Sunday, and I will see you all in a bit.


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