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Gooooooood mornin everyone :) I have added a couple of new offers. Yesterdays contest has been paid if u qualified. :) IMPORTANT ** I have been in...

Gooooooood mornin everyone :)
I have added a couple of new offers. Yesterdays contest has been paid if u qualified. :)

IMPORTANT** I have been in contact with other site owners, we are all having the same problem and that is, offers are not crediting. We believe it is a direct track issue, and I was happy to see some offers did finally approve after we left yesterday, but, approvals r way down. This is frustrating for all of you I know, all site owners know, but, I want you all to know it is just as frustrating for us. We just dont know exactly what is going on. We do know there was a direct track problem, but, this does not explain the last weeks worth of horrible approvals. All I can suggest at this point is do the offers I sent out on the list and work on some of the older offers.

Also... Tuesday night at 9 "eastern time" 8 central 7 mountain (i think) and 6 pacific time... Lets play.. THE FEUD!! We are going to be playing family Feud against the members of deal barbie pays. I will be posting the rules, prizes, etc in the news section sometime this weekend. :) and will add a news ticker flash when those are posted. :)
You will need to be registered for the new chat program we have, and it will be best if u register with your FHO username. :)

Well we went camping last night and had a blast. Actually left about 330 in the afternoon. My neice is down from Minn so we all went camping. BBQ, told ghost stories trying to scare the kids, ended up scaring the adults more. LOL.. and then the thunderstorms rolled in around 1 this morning. LOL. So.. we unplugged the motor home and came home this morning. (while watching the other kids tear down tents etc..) life is good LOL>>

Well im gonna get off here.

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