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We have already discussed various types of opportunities for making money from home. The amount of such opportunities grow, and you can easily choose...

We have already discussed various types of opportunities for making money from home. The amount of such opportunities grow, and you can easily choose some type of activity, which suits you well, but I case this type of moneymaking is new for you, you need to learn more about different types of offers and take the one you prefer. In this article we will look closer to making money through reading, sending or answering mails.

Sending mails means offering some service or product in the mail, sent to multiple recipients. The worst type of such advertising is spamming, which is probably familiar to you. Mail with advertising is sent to multiple users without their request or desire, it is illegal and may cause you serious problems once you are caught. But there are more attractive and legal ways of offering people your emails. You can offer newsletter subscription at your resource, or offer some free service in exchange for users' mails to create your own database of emails, or cooperate with webmasters of those sites that are related to the service or product you are going to offer.

The second type of making money through mails is reading them. A lot of advertisers are ready to pay users for mail containing their offer, being sure that a significant part of readers will find the information useful or purchase their product. Such work does not bring a huge profit, but it won't demand much time and effort from you. You just need to clear up with the company offering the service if they set up minimum/maximum for the emails that must be read and define how much you get for this job. Lots of companies pay you money, but set a limit for cashout, so you will need to wait unless you get enough money on your account. Some of them pay you by coupons that give you discounts, or exclusive shopping offers, or some similar bonuses.

Answering mails usually means that the company hires you for sending users information about their product or services, or, in some cases, for technical support. This should be defined in each particular case. Sometimes you will only need to copy and paste necessary information into mail text and send it to user, sometimes you will need some technical knowledge or experience to provide description or explanation, what to choose depends upon your experience and desire. Of course, the more qualified service you provide, the better you are paid.

Whatever type of making money through emails you choose, you need to clear up all the details of offers and the company itself, because offers may vary by price, details of service and effort required from you.

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