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I would like to announce some exciting changes coming to The Cow that will go into effect on Sept 1st. Cashouts will be going DAILY! Yes you heard me...

I would like to announce some exciting changes coming to The Cow that will go into effect on Sept 1st. Cashouts will be going DAILY! Yes you heard me right! You guys have asked for it and now you are getting it. There will be some exceptions to the rule. Monies earned prior to Sept 1st will still be paid the end of Sept. Cashouts will be checked before daily payment is made to your account. This only applies to members using paypal or you can request a amazon or walmart gift card. 5.00 minimum on gift cards. Your paypal account must be verified.

Cashouts will be lowered to 3.00 but with this the signup bonus will be removed.
The check option will no longer be available.
All trial offers and paid offers will be locked for 30 days. Because of the huge amounts of fraud that come with these.
I haven't decided on month long contest winnings as of yet but will let you know before the 1st of the month.
Milkshakes will still be on a NET 30. Sorry for the inconvience on this but the point advertisers are a little more picky.

Paid to click contests will go weekly. Yes that gives you up to 4 times in a month to win it. Whooooooooooooaaaa thats not all. Look for the ptc section to double in size! Referral bonus will be set to .25! Every time you gain a referral that completes one offer you will earn an additional 25 cents! Don't forget we also have 5 levels of referrals.

Every Tuesday will be Two for Tuesday! What does this mean? That means every Tuesday you can double your advertising! This goes for PTC, PTSU, Banner, and Side Panel. So make sure to grab you advertising on Tuesdays.

Activity bonus has been changed from .02 milkshakes to .01 cash. And is set to pay every 24 hours. So you get a penny every 24 hours just for logging in!

Daily surveys will be set to pay more. You could make cashout on those alone!

Don't forget the forum games Cow Pie Toss and CashCow Boggle. Great way to earn extra money as well. And oh are they fun. Great people and company at that forum, I tell ya!

I am currently in the process of making a tutorial. This will make it easier for your referrals to learn how the site works. So many times you will get a referral and they have no idea what to do and are afraid to ask. Hopefully this will help them. If anyone has suggestions of something you feel is important to be listed please let me know.

Points section will soon be getting more options for cashout requests. Have suggestions? Let me know!

A new most earned contest is being set up. This contest will run from now until Dec 1st. Pays 2 places. 200.00 and 100.00! Just in time for Christmas!

I will be setting a thread up in the forum for you guys to post your payment proofs from other sites and oh yeah your referral links too. I will also be setting up a good, bad and ugly thread. You can post your experiences with fellow gpt sites her. Please keep in mind with this category Owner bashing will not be tolerated. Any site on the boycott or watch list will not be allowed to have referral links posted or payment proof.

I am also going to be having a logo and a banner contest going on in the forum for a couple other projects I have going on. If you are the winner you be awarded a 90 day side panel ad for a site of your choice! Watch the forum for details.

All the above is being done on a trial basis and can change at any time! I will announce exact specifics on cashouts before the end of the month. This will be located on the cashout rules page.

Good luck and
Kind Regards,

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